Home News Mercedes’ plan with Red Bull: first destabilize and then sign

Mercedes’ plan with Red Bull: first destabilize and then sign

Mercedes’ plan with Red Bull: first destabilize and then sign

The automobile sector is one of the strongest on the planet economically speaking and the Formula One It embodies its virtues and also all its defects. Today many sporting disciplines are considered a business, F-1 always had that character because many manufacturers saw the competition as a perfect showcase to sell their products and be able to influence the industry.

Lewis Hamilton announced last January that he would leave Mercedes at the end of 2024 to sign for Ferrari. That is, the best driver in history, tied for titles with the greatest, Michael Schumacher, left the German team to go to Italy. Did anyone think this would turn out like this? It was then when, suddenly, problems began in the team that today dominates F-1 with authority, Red Bull. Internal investigations fueled from the outside arose, intrigues, conspiracies, interested leaks to the press… all with the sole objective of destabilizing and returning the sporting and media blow received.

The best response that Mercedes can offer, and they have this very clear in Germany, to the order of Hamilton leaving for the rival team is to sign the best driver in the category and that is none other than Max Verstappen. Doing it with a checkbook would be possible, but it is always cheaper to muddy up the situation, put mud where there was none before and thus make possible operations cheaper in the short-term future.

And in that scenario they are moving from the environment of Mercedes, one of the fundamental protagonists of the automobile industry. The person responsible for him in F-1, This is Wolff, which is Austrian like the rival team, has always been characterized by pulling all the strings from discretion, without making too much noise. The seams could only be seen when Mercedes and Hamilton lost the 2021 World Championship in the last round of the championship, but that was the result of chance and a situation that came about without much else to do. And it all happened in just a few seconds.

Wolff embodies the new power, the new side that rules in Formula One and that is saying a lot. He wants to sign Verstappen no matter what and thus be able to justify to those responsible for him the blow he received at the beginning of this season. It’s as if someone wants to leave Real Madrid to go to another team. Few footballers have triumphed after voluntarily leaving the white team. And in those they are.

The civil war at Red Bull has broken out and from the outside they have taken advantage of the initial surge to fan the fuse as much as possible. Christian Horner, head of Red Bull, has passed an internal investigation; the Verstappen are against him; English is in question and the heirs of the company’s creators do not know what role to play in this whole framework. There is a lot of money at stake and, above all, a prestige to maintain in all cases, from the energy drink company to Mercedes itself, which cannot afford to run F-1 with drivers who are not renowned. George Russell He is not a notable figure so all efforts are focused on Verstappen. And if the operation failed he would have to opt for a pilot like Alonso.