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Measures to intimidation of voters: EC Rasheda

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Electoral Commissioner (EC) Rasheda Sultana said that action will be taken if any of the general voters are intimidated or threatened by the law enforcement agencies. He said this to the reporters after an exchange meeting with the candidates, members of law enforcement and presiding officers in the Naogaon District Commissioner’s conference room on Sunday afternoon.

At that time Election Commissioner Rasheda Sultana said, ‘Exercising voting rights of common people is a constitutional right. To ensure the exercise of people’s right to vote, the law has been amended to make it a criminal offence.

In response to the question that the Election Commission is taking measures to increase the attendance of voters at the polling stations, he said, “Earlier, if voters were prevented or threatened, there was no opportunity to take legal action against wrongdoers.” The commission made new laws. The law provides for criminalizing and punishing those who make threats. I will tell the voters to go to the law enforcement agencies without fear and complain. Law enforcement will be informed and action will be taken. The executive magistrate-law enforcement forces are active in the field.’

The EC said to the media workers, “If a journalist is assaulted or if cameras and equipment are damaged, the law enforcement agencies will take disciplinary action.” The policy has been made with the thought that journalists can carry out their professional duties without fear.

EC Rasheda hopes that the situation will remain good in the future and that the voters will come to the polling stations and cast their votes smoothly.

EC Rasheda Sultana said, ‘We are trying to keep the polling environment fair.’ Regardless of whether we receive complaints or not, the Election Investigation Committee and Executive Magistrates are taking action by visiting various parliamentary constituencies and preparations are underway to take measures to maintain the polling environment in the future. You can see them layer by layer.’

In response to another question, EC Rasheda Sultana said, ‘We are always optimistic about fair elections even after the incidents of conflict. Because our law enforcement forces are deadly active. We will never tolerate these. If everyone cooperates, the presence of voters in the polling stations will increase and a fair environment will be created for the election.

Taking part in the exchange meeting with EC Rasheda Sultana, the rival candidates raised various allegations against the rival candidates, including violation of code of conduct, threats to workers and supporters.

Naogaon six parliamentary seat returning officer and deputy commissioner. Rajshahi Divisional Commissioner Dewan Muhammad Humayun Kabir, Rajshahi Regional DIG Anisur Rahman, Rajshahi Regional Election Officer Delwar Hossain, Naogaon Superintendent of Police Muhammad Rashidul Haque and others were present in the exchange meeting chaired by Golam Mawla.


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