Home News Mashrafe, soaked in floral greetings, said, ‘I want the people of Narail to have happiness and peace’.

Mashrafe, soaked in floral greetings, said, ‘I want the people of Narail to have happiness and peace’.

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Former captain of the national cricket team, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, has been showered with warm wishes and love from fans, fans and well-wishers after being elected as a Member of Parliament from Narail-2 Constituency for two consecutive times. Since the election results were announced yesterday, Mashrafe’s fans have been excited. After the victory, Mashrafe also expressed his gratitude and said, ‘My first and last request will be to those who voted me to the parliament – that I should not neglect these people, that the people may live in peace and happiness.’

For now, Mashrafe is staying at his uncle’s house in Ward No. 4 area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNarail municipality. Since last night, the house has been surrounded by a festive atmosphere.

Mashrafe’s victory in the election, fans-supporters-well-wishers are rushing with bouquets of flowers, garlands or sweets. Besides, Mashrafe is also running in different parts of Narail-2 constituency. Again, some of the fans from different parts of the country are returning with the joy of victory, tearful eyes of separation.

Everyone is congratulating Mashrafe on his victory. The expectation of Narail people is that the Prime Minister will appoint his beloved Mashrafe as a minister.

Local resident Khokon Shah said, ‘Mashrafi means a name of trust to the people of Narail. With his hands, the neglected Narail will be the best residence of the generation. That’s why people from all walks of life expect Mashrafe to win again.

Gazi Abdul Majid, another local resident of Narail said, ‘I consider Mashrafe as a child. Even if I have nothing for him, I have prayers for life. I think Mashrafe is the greatest MP in Bangladesh.

Narail changed with Mashrafe’s hand. Therefore, the demand of fans-supporters-well-wishers is not only to be a member of parliament, but Mashrafe should be given a ministry this time.

Sarful Alam Litu, a local resident said, ‘We are proud as children of Narail. We saw Mashrafe as a brother. Ever got as a player on the field of play. Then I got as a member of Parliament. This time we want to see Mashrafe as a minister.

The disabled youth came to Narail from Bhola district and campaigned in Mashrafe’s election from December 21. agree Returning home today, happy with Mashrafe’s victory but tearful farewell.

Md. Rajib said, ‘I am blessed, even though I am disabled, I have come to choose the people I love. I pray that it can be done in the way that Mashrafe Bhai has worked for the development of Narail.’

However, Mashrafe himself is emotional after receiving such love from the people of Narail. He said, ‘As a Member of Parliament, I have always wanted and will continue to want in the future, that my Narail residents, especially the people of Narail-2 Constituency, should be well. My first and last wish will be that those who voted me into Parliament should not neglect these people, that they may live in peace and happiness.’

When asked about becoming the BCB president, Mashrafe said, “As I am still playing domestic cricket, I am not thinking about it now.”

In response to questions about fans, supporters and party leaders, Mashrafe said, ‘First of all, I thank each and every person in this town of Narail. They all came spontaneously and voted for me regardless of their party, and made me win.’

About the development activities of Narail-2 constituency, this cricketer said, ‘Narail is a C category district, development will not happen just by mouth. We must have a union of power with want. We ask a lot without knowing where our obstacles are or what the rules are. Prime Minister is giving a lot for Narail. But you have to stick with it, not everything will happen overnight.’

In the 12th National Parliament Election, Mashrafe was elected as a Member of Parliament by getting 1 lakh 89 thousand 102 votes in Narail-2 seat. There were total 8 candidates in this seat. Total voters were 3 lakh 65 thousand 729 people. There were 147 polling stations.


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