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Marzouk Russell gave a post, which one did not?

by Afonso
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Popular poet, lyricist and actor Marzouk Russell is active on social media. But almost every time a fake ID is opened in his name by a nefarious group. In other words, there are fake IDs in the name of Marzouk Russell on Facebook. He has often talked about this in the media before. Complained verbally to the cyber crime department of the police. But the conspirators of those fake IDs are not stopping, rather they are opening one page after another. As a result, most of the fans of the actor are confused. Recently it has increased!

On January 9, a post about the newly elected Member of Parliament, Barrister Saidul Haque Sumon, from Marjuk Russell’s fake ID has gone viral on Facebook. Then on Saturday, a religious post with pictures of academic textbooks went viral. It has been observed that the gang members are regularly posting from these pages. However, none of these IDs belong to Marzouk Russell.

In this regard, Marzuk Russell commented in the media, ‘Those who follow me for a long time, those who know me, those who read my writings, they know that it is not mine. Yes, I know many are confused too. I will tell them, don’t be confused.’

According to sources, ‘Without Talfal, Je Randhe—’, ‘Hawa Dakhi, Batasa Khai—Marjuk Rase’, ‘Marjuk Russell’s Things—Golla’, ‘Pasha Bhai’, ‘Signing of Bilateral Agreement on Body Sharing’, ‘When the old woman of the moon is old. Sixteen—Marzouk Russell is active in pages named ‘Marzouk Russell’. These are his thematically irregular pages. Apart from this, he recently opened a new page in his name. Where the intro reads, ‘Marjuk Russell is a Bangladeshi poet, lyricist, actor…’. Other than these pages, all pages are fake.


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