Home Sports Markel Beloki and the legacy of a legend: "This last name doesn’t bother me"

Markel Beloki and the legacy of a legend: "This last name doesn’t bother me"

Markel Beloki and the legacy of a legend: "This last name doesn’t bother me"

En Basque Country They are already excited about the emergence of Markel Beloki, the new jewel of Basque cycling. He vitoriano takes stock of MARCA of its premiere on the World Tour.

Ask. How has your landing on the World Tour been?

Answer. The level jump is noticeable. It’s quite big. It is true that in Mallorca I found myself getting better every day. I had very experienced colleagues by my side who helped me a lot. I had their help all the time, they guided me to tell me what I needed to improve. It was a plus point. In Figueiras I had bad luck. I missed my flights and arrived late, but you learn from everything. In UAE, my first World Tour race, I discovered the topic of fans well. You were going calmly and, suddenly, the wind came in and everything became complicated.

Q. Did you imagine yourself in the first division at 18?

A. No. Last year I was going to watch the races as just another child who lives this with excitement. That’s why I didn’t imagine being able to be here.

Q. What is your current relationship with a Spanish cycling legend like your father Joseba?

A. It is a tremendous support to be with him. I live practically every day and it helps me a lot. Since he has known what it means to be a cyclist, he can help me. He gives me a lot of advice.

Q. Now you are going to fulfill your dream of going to Itzulia.

A. Yes, it was not in my plans to run it this year. It wasn’t on the calendar they gave me at the beginning, but it makes me tremendously excited. Racing in Itzulia in my first year as a professional is something that gives a lot of motivation to be at home and with your audience.

Q. Is the route studied?

A. A little above, although not yet very detailed. Removing the second and third stages, the rest are roads where we pass almost every day. Knowing several points helps, but then it will be your legs that will tell where you are during the race.

Q. What routes does Vitoria usually take?

A. It depends a lot. Nearby we have enough flat land to train. The ports we have are very long, when it is a long route we go towards Guipuzcoa with Arrate or thereabouts. Sometimes I go out with my father. He is a good training partner, he suits me well.

Q. What is the best advice your father has given you over the years?

R. I can’t tell you one, it gives me many good ones. They are all important and I take them all into account. I try to apply them.

Q. Does being your son put pressure on you?

A. No, everyone is going to take their own path. They are few different. We are talking about him being a professional more than 20 years ago. They are few different, things change. It doesn’t add pressure to me, even though the last name is there.

Q. You are active on networks.

A. It is something that I like and that is important, so I try to keep it updated as much as possible.

Q. Are you continuing with your studies?

A. I started studying Business Administration and Management but, when I started here, as it is more difficult, I left it. Maybe next year I’ll do something online to continue, but for now I’m calm.

Q. What are you doing?

A. Now I have more time. I get up early, I like to get up early, have breakfast, train and then in the afternoon I have time to recover. After training, I get home around 2:00 p.m. and eat. In the afternoon, I either stay home or go out for a walk. Almost every day is similar.

Q. What is your schedule?

A. In my case I had something prior, but it is changing, like now with Itzulia. First you will go to Indurain and then Pas Vasco.

Q. Your mentors?

A. Quite a few people. The magnitude of the team is quite large. We have a nutritionist, a trainer, a coach… we have a lot of people. What people try to convey to us is that it is calm, because I am young. I have to go little by little, without going fast. I prefer to take slow steps and then not go back, than to take big ones and then go back. This year I am going to have many bad moments being the first, but I will learn.

Q. Which broker is it?

A. I am a climber and cronner. But you get to be professionals and sometimes you don’t even know what you are because it changes completely. My challenge is to go little by little.

Q. Are you afraid of the elite?

A. No. What you notice most is that you spend more days away from home. In youth your parents take you everywhere and now they don’t. It’s part of the job.

P. What impression did it have?

A. Competing with the big guys seems strange to me. We have already seen that they almost do what they want. They walk a lot. The greats are in another war, which is not mine. But being there is something nice.

Q. Young people already have a certain pressure.

A. The stages accelerate a lot, not only from youth but from almost schools. Things have changed and we will have to adapt.

Q. What costs you more?

A. I don’t weigh food, it doesn’t cost me. There is nothing that is particularly difficult for me. I’m enjoying what I do. My dream was to make a living from cycling and it seems to be coming true. What I enjoy most is day to day: training knowing the objectives. For example now looking at Itzulia.

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childhood idol: Alberto counter

Favorite career: the Tour de France

The first bike: one from the Imaginarium without pedals.

Preferred port: On horseback, here in Vitoria.

Gels or bars: bars

Goat or road bike: both

A place to get lost on vacation: Mallorca

Pogacar o Vingegaard: Vingegaard

Van der Poel o Van Aert: Van Aert

Remco o Roglic: Remco

A dream to fulfill: win the Tour, but it’s going to be complicated (laughs).