Home Sports Marieta, from ‘LIDLT’, reveals why she should take daily medication

Marieta, from ‘LIDLT’, reveals why she should take daily medication

Marieta, from ‘LIDLT’, reveals why she should take daily medication

‘Temptation Island’ It met expectations in its seventh edition in which the villas once again became a storm of emotions on one side and the other. Nevertheless, Marieta was one of the protagonists of the Telecinco program because of her love with Sergio Aguilera after entering the television space with his partner lexwhich also had its ups and downs with Gabriela.

After ‘Temptation Island’, Marieta is focusing on the field of social networks after leaving her job as a nursing assistant. The young woman is dedicated to creating content on platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, in which he has hundreds of thousands of followers. In her latest publication, the girl has shown ten curiosities about her that until now were unknown.

Marieta, from 'LIDLT', reveals the reason

One of the things that has caught the most attention is that she has been taking medication daily since she was a baby. “A very curious thing about me is that I I have had a syrup for my appetite since I was very little.. Well, I have been changing because the body gets used to it and then it doesn’t take effect, but today, at 24 years old, If I don’t drink that syrup it’s hard for me to eat“, Marieta revealed.

Marieta: “I will be in a tracksuit all day long”

However, it is not the only expense he makes related to medications, since his usual health problems cause extra spending on treatments. “I’m always bad, always!”complained Marieta, who has also commented that more is spent at the pharmacy than on clothes.

“I would wear a tracksuit all day long, but I don’t go because my mother won’t let me and because you get older and think about being more sophisticated.”, the former ‘Temptation Island’ contestant has also indicated. Finally, Marieta has revealed what her favorite food is: lentils with chorizo.