Home Sports Marcis Steinbergs, the hero of Manresa: second winning shot in just over a month!

Marcis Steinbergs, the hero of Manresa: second winning shot in just over a month!

Marcis Steinbergs, the hero of Manresa: second winning shot in just over a month!

Mthe castle Steinbergs, Latvian power forward of BAXI Manresa, has become one of the players to watch in the Endesa League. He has what makes good players different from decisive ones: appearing in important moments. The one from Riga demonstrates it game after game. If against Covirn Granada gave Pedro Martínez’s team a victory from 9 meters, in the Catalan derby in Badalona he dynamited Joventut with another basket on the horn (81-83). By the way, he maintains his team’s dream of the Playoffs that stick, precisely, to Joventut.

Es the tunic in Steinbergs. In the Palace of Granada it was different. With two seconds left in the game, the player from Manresa nailed a three-pointer from nine meters that ended up giving his team the victory, 93-94.. It was something bizarre, because the ball was put on the court by Pérez, in an unfortunate way, as it went under the legs of Badio, who was the player who should throw. The ball reached Steinbergs who hit a three-pointer.

Something similar happened in Badalona. There were two seconds left and Latvian was not the first option on the board. Dani Pérez came out again and found Taylor. The American was very marked by two players and when he gets up he sees that Steibergs’ mark has run to the stopper. That leaves the Latvian in a free position from the corner. Hit the triple, time runs out… and madness breaks loose.

He ‘4’ Letn ruined an exhibition by Andrés Feliz. The shooting guard is in fashion at Joventut and was the best in the derby, scoring 28 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists for 25 rating credits. He is another magnificent performance added to the one that knocked down Ulm in the Eurocup (28 points and 17 in the first 13).


BAXI Manresa relied on Steinbergs’ 14, Devin Robinson’s 15 or Brancou Badio’s 14 to take the Derbi and place ninth, with the same victories as Joventut and in the fight for the Endesa League Playoffs.

Technical sheet:

81. Joventut Badalona (16+19+24+22): Feliz (28), Evans (11), Busquets (-), Kraag (3), Prey (6) -starting five-; Brodziansky (11), Andrews (13), Vives (5), Ruzic (4) and López (-).

83. Baxi Manresa (29+23+6+25): Taylor (6), Badio (16), Sagnia (5), Robinson (18), Mawugbe (6) -starting five-; Williams (3), Jou (-), Garcia (-), Steinbergs (12), Geben (8), Oriola (1) and Prez (8).

referees: Antonio Conde, Arnau Padres and Vicente Martínez. They eliminated the local Prey (min. 39) and the visitor Williams (min. 35) with five personal fouls.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 24 of the Endesa Basketball League played at the Palau Municipal d’Esports in Badalona in front of 8,796 spectators.