Home Sports Marc Márquez: "In sport you don’t live in the past"

Marc Márquez: "In sport you don’t live in the past"

Marc Márquez: "In sport you don’t live in the past"

Marc Mrquez He has not changed his low-profile MotoGP preseason speech one bit. He sees himself in the construction phase with the Ducati. He sees other favorites and only talks about having fun and adapting.

New challenge.

“It was a totally different preseason. Before I was developing a bike; now I was able to focus on myself. I didn’t feel bad, a lot of things to learn, especially from the ‘top’ Ducati guys. I feel good, but not ready to fight for the podium or victory. We will see where we are.”

Feelings with the Ducati bosses.

“From the beginning, I felt a lot of support from their bosses. If you don’t feel their support, you don’t make this decision. I always felt like I had a good relationship, a lot of respect, and that’s important.”

The Gresini team and its environment.

“It is totally different to work in a factory team than in a satellite one. I tried to adapt. The first thing was to try what they wanted. We talked and reached agreements. It is something to learn: strategies with tires, gasoline, electronics and more things. At the moment, other drivers won races so they do a good job.”

Acosta and take away the record of youngest winner.

“He showed that he is a super talent, already in the tests and being like that he is fast. He can beat my record, of course. I already said it.”


“The expectations are very high, I know what happened these four years and where I want to go. I cannot expect to win from the beginning. I must create a base. There are other drivers: Bagnaia, Martín and Bastianini and I must learn from them. I must also learn of young people and will last as long as possible.

Greater concern.

“For me, instinct, because it’s Honda’s style. In the test you can control it; in the race, with more pressure, it’s more difficult. You have to go with what the bike wants, not what I want.”


“The favorites were at the other press conference. MotoGP is a combination of a good team. When you have everything, you can fight. And having everything is very difficult. I am working on myself. You have to accept this situation and be realistic, That’s what I do”.

New contract.

“I have to focus on myself, if I do that, if I smile under my helmet I will have a better chance of having a good bike next year. When I took it my goal was to be competitive again and have motivation to keep going.”

What is changing to avoid lowering benefits.

“I will understand this year. Last year I suffered, but I was the best Honda. In 2020, I changed my life. They were difficult years. This year I want to answer many questions myself, but not in the first race. There is no need to panic. “Being competitive is not about winning the World Cup, it’s about fighting for the top six positions, but I need time. You can’t get from there to the top so quickly.”

Best advice for a first race.

“To think it’s a test. You have butterflies in your stomach, you have to pay attention to others, but concentrate like a test.”

Sensations before debuting.

“Logically, with things to learn and although we have had a good, solid, stable preseason, which was what I was looking for, but there are still many questions to be resolved: what a weekend with the Ducati will be like, what it will be like to ride in a group with the Ducati, things that I will have to burn in these stages now I know in grand prix. Above all, control the instinct of not riding like I used to ride the Honda and focus, as I did in the tests, which in the tests was easier, because you have more time to understand the bike and ride as the bike demands.

Low profile.

“I understand, and I am grateful, that there are expectations on me, on my results, but I am aware of where I come from, I am aware of how I am, of the steps that have to be taken. Then you are not aware if they are taken or not. Little by little I have to build confidence again, gaining that feeling on the bike a little to grow, getting closer to those in front, but, for now, in the tests, there are four or five that are faster than us “.

Cadas and the Ducati.

“Fall less? It sounds like it, but I’m a rider who every year, with any bike, I’ve fallen, I’m looking for the limit. In the tests you have all the patience in the world, and with more experience you manage it differently. Then, in the race , there is a point that you have to push in the qualifying sessions, push in the race and there will be days, as in the tests, that we will be 14th; days in which perhaps we will get ahead. Let’s hope that during the season “The trend is going more towards the second: to be among those five or six first. The world neither ends nor begins in the first race, but rather our path begins.”

Come out strong.

“Everyone will go out to push. If I can finish seventh, better than eighth. But going out to… opt for the podium, well no. Not because it is not realistic. In the tests we were not even there to make the podium or win races, we were there if “It was good to do a fifth or sixth. We’ll see what happens over the weekend, with different rubber on the track.”

See the Hondas.

“This preseason I have seen them in front and behind. There has been a little of everything, every day, but logically I always have this esteem for Honda because it has been my team and all my friends are still there: Santi Hernández, all the mechanics… I go to see them and we talk about life, as normal, but I’m focused on my box, on my bike, on trying to have fun on the bike, which is the most important thing for me this year. From then on, yes. “All this comes out, it will come out more smoothly.”

Condition of your arm.

“The laps in the preseason already answer that rumor. Laps have been made. I have never denied it, it is an arm that needs more maintenance than the other, but if you are physically bad, as has happened to me in other preseasons, you don’t even do it.” Sprint race simulation, nor long runs, nor anything in the preseason.”


“I am calmer than almost any year. There were always butterflies, the pressure is there, but this year, obviously, I want to see if I can be in front, better than behind, but I have a year where when I chose this option it was realistic and very clear with “My goals. I have it marked in my head and that is why I am calm, relaxed and accepting that there will be moments of everything, circuits that will not even have Q2 and others, maybe on the front line.”

Precedents in Gresini.

“Bastianini won four races in one year in this team, Di Giannantonio won last year here, but I am Marc. Neither Bastianini nor Di Giannantonio came from where I come from. You can have a lot of experience in the sport, but you live in the present, “You don’t live in the past.”