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Maradana was murdered, claims his son

by Afonso
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It has been three years since Argentine football legend Diego Armando Maradana passed away. Controversy over his death continues. The death of the football ‘God’ is natural or planned, there has been no abatement. According to the medical report, Maradana died of heart attack. His son Maradana Junior refused to accept this. 1986 – World Cup hero’s son claims Maradana was murdered in a premeditated manner.

Maradana Jr. said in an interview given to Italian media outlet Mediaset yesterday, that many things could have been done at that time, but Maradana was left to fate. He was killed. Maradana’s son also has an idea about who killed the Argentine legend.

Earlier, Maradana died on November 25, 2020 while undergoing treatment in the hospital. Since then, his family members have been claiming that Maradana did not die naturally. At that time, Maradna’s two daughters filed a murder case. Now another child opened up about the matter.

“There should be an independent investigation,” Maradana Jr. told Mediaset. We have great confidence in the justice of the Argentine courts. I believe, it cannot end like this.’

After that, Maradana’s son complained about his father’s death, ‘They killed my father. It is not my job to say who killed. I have an idea of ​​my own, but I won’t say it. When something could be done, they left him to fate.’

It goes without saying that Maradana Jr.’s allegation is against the hospital authorities. Maradana’s son said that he will continue his legal battle until he gets justice, ‘I make a promise, I will fight for justice till the last day of my life.’

Any child is lucky to have one of the greatest footballers in football history as a father. Maradana Junior is no exception. He still feels empty after his father’s death, ‘Father’s emptiness will never be filled. But the way everyone shows respect and love towards him, the pain is felt a little less.’

Maradana Jr. could not be around during the death of the Argentine superstar, ‘it was a bad time. I was hospitalized due to corona virus. That’s why I couldn’t go to Argentina. I got a message from a Spanish friend (of Maradana’s death). But nothing was entering my mind. I turned on the television and saw that everyone was talking about his death. Then my wife confirmed it (the news of the death).’

His son still could not accept Maradana’s death, ‘I could not accept his death completely. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to accept that. It was not the right time (of death).’


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