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Many people from BNP genre also voted for me: Information Minister

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Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Joint General Secretary of Awami League. Hashan Mahmud said, ‘Many people of BNP genre also vote for me. Rangunia also had MPs and ministers earlier. Someone built a mosque building, you can’t show it. You can say that he gave some money in the mosque or gave one or two tons of rice TR.

Chittagong-7 Constituency Awami League nominated candidate Dr. Dr. Hasan Mahmud says these things.

Dr. Hashan Mahmud said, ‘On the one hand, the Awami League government builds roads, bridges, culverts, railway lines, prevents river erosion, and gives free books to students for the development of the country. And BNP is wasting the resources of the country in the name of boycotting elections. Throwing petrol bombs on bus-trains, they burn people.’

Stating that there is no place in the world to burn people like this in the name of politics, the minister said, these are acts of terrorism. To protect the country from them, everyone has to suppress them with a strong hand.

At this time, the information minister spoke to people of various professions including Kodala tea plantation workers, village women and sought votes for the boat brand. After that, he organized public meetings in Sarafbhata and Boalkhali upazilas of Rangunia, Sreepur-Kharandwip Union.

The minister said, ‘Jamaat-e-Islami chants, we want the law of God, we want the rule of honest people. They say, will establish Islam. Meanwhile, today Muslims are being killed in Palestine like hunting birds. So far more than 20 thousand people have been killed. Most of them are women and children. But BNP-Jamaat has not uttered a single word against Israel till date. Their leader, Tariq Rahman, has forbidden to speak, as a major state might be displeased. They have appeared today as hypocrites, and Allah is displeased with them. So they should be known. They spread confusion.’

Addressing the people of his constituency, Minister Hashan said, ‘Every morning, after praying, my day’s work begins by benefiting people. I have not harmed anyone, it is not my religion to harm anyone. You know if any madman or beggar from Rangunia shows his hand in front of my car, my car stops. I stop the car and talk. The Prime Minister has given me the responsibility of the important ministries of the country and placed me in senior positions in the cabinet and the party. I have tried to fulfill the duties given by the Prime Minister smoothly. As your child I have tried to brighten your face. I have a lot of responsibilities at the national level, but I give time in the same way as a chairman gives time to the area.’

Hashan Mahmud said, ‘500 crores worth of work has already been done to prevent the collapse of other rivers in Rangunia, including the Karnaphuli river, and another 100 crores of work will be done. Many districts have not done so much development work. 8,000 children of Rangunia got jobs with my hands. I never think about who makes which team while recommending jobs. I have tried to be an MP for all people.’

On January 7, Dr. urged all the relatives to vote for the boat brand. Hasan Mahmud.

The information minister said, ‘I have built 24 new mosques in Rangunia through my family charity NNK Foundation. All religious institutions including every mosque, temple and pagoda in Rangunia have been allotted. I have kept my door open for everyone for last 15 years, after five years I came to your door, please open your door for me. On January 7, everyone is expected to vote for the boat brand.’

Leaders of Awami League’s district, upazila and union organs and affiliated organizations participated in the election campaign.


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