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Many are leaving the army amid the armed conflict in Myanmar

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Hundreds of thousands of soldiers are leaving the country’s army amid the armed conflict between the junta forces and the rebels in Myanmar. The former soldiers said that besides the threat of death, they are taking such action because of their objection to the violence of the junta forces against the common people. This has been reported in a report of the British media The Guardian.

Even after 3 years of the military coup, the fight between pro-democracy armed rebels and the junta forces has not stopped in Myanmar. The rebels said that the junta government has suffered heavy losses in the ongoing fighting. Junta forces have lost control of various areas and military bases. Casualties of army personnel are also increasing. Rebels say the surrender of numerous army personnel has boosted their morale in the ongoing fight.

The Guardian reports that many of the fleeing soldiers said they feared they would die in the fighting. Apart from this, the operation against the rebels was killing common people and destroying their houses for no reason. Unable to accept these injustices, they fled the military base in the dark of night. Some said that they were forced to surrender in the face of enemy attacks.

Attacks by various armed rebel groups have increased since the junta took power in 2021. On October 27 last year, the Three Brotherhood Alliance launched an attack called ‘Operation 1027’ in various parts of the country’s Shan State. And this month, the rebels took over the city of Luakkai, bordering China.

The minister of the international department of Myanmar’s anti-junta government National Unity. Sasa claimed that since the start of Operation 1027, more than 4,000 members have fled from the army and surrendered.

Washington-based research institute Wilson Center claims that 2,389 army personnel including six brigadier generals have surrendered so far. According to them, at least 14,000 soldiers left the army and surrendered after the 2021 military coup.


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