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‘Manush’ wins Uncut Censor in Bangladesh

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This time another Indian film will be seen on the screens of Bangladesh. Kolkata’s Jeet starrer ‘Manush’ received uncut clearance from the Bangladesh Film Censor Board today (December 13) evening.

Before this, the film was released in more than 100 theaters in West Bengal on November 24. Bangladeshi filmmaker Sanjay Samader’s movie ‘Manush’. Tollywood superstar Jeet played the lead role in it. There is also Bangladeshi actress Vidya Sinha MIM. Also in the cast are Jitu Kamal, Sushmita Chatterjee and Saurabh Chakraborty from Kolkata.

About the release, its producer Sanjay told Independent Digital, “After India, the movie ‘Manush’ has got the uncut censor in Bangladesh as well. It will hit theaters on December 15.”

Incidentally, Sanjay Samadar’s movie ‘Manush’ was released in 117 theaters in India in the first week. Presented by Jitz Filmworks (West Bengal). The Hindi dubbing of the movie is done by AA Films. And the distributor of the movie in Bangladesh is Action Cut Entertainment.


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