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Manoj is authentic in his new identity

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Manoj Pramanik is a popular actor in such important mediums of showbiz – plays, films, advertisements. He was last seen in ‘Veerakanya Pritilata’. Where actress Nusrat Imroz Tisha was in the title role. However, actor Manoj is appearing in a new identity. You are listening right! He has written his name in the direction.

Manoj produced a short film named ‘Haite Surma’. Through this, he sat in the seat of the director for the first time. He made this film as part of ‘Eco Film Lab: International Film Residency’ organized by the International Academy of Film and Media in April last year. Indian filmmaker-poet Sanal Kumar Sasidharan was the guide.

In this context, the actor told Independent Digital, ‘You know I teach at Kabi Nazrul University in Trishal. Teaching in Film Department. For that, you need to constantly update or develop yourself or learn more. That’s why I participate in Eco Film Lab. There was an assignment. As a result of that, I made the movie Surma.’

It is reported that the short film has been produced under joint screenplay and direction. Subrata Sarkar was with Manoj. The story highlights various topics related to climate and ecology. Starring Milad Hossain, Feroz Ahmed and Vijay Das.

Manoj Pramanik worked as the co-director of producer Amitabh Razor at the beginning of his career. But this time he is the first original director. Talking about this new experience, Manoj said, ‘I am an actor, at the end of the day I want to remain an actor. The film was a learning experience for me, which will help me do well in various areas of acting and teaching.’

Surma short film is already being submitted from various international film festivals. Those exhibitions will take some time to complete. Then the movie will be screened in various festivals in the country.


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