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Mamata in the hospital to see Suman, this time the singer wanted to eat chocolate!

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Kabir Suman has been under treatment in the hospital since Monday (January 29) due to serious illness. He was kept in CCU due to chest infection and respiratory problems. Since then, the treatment of ‘Ganwala’ is going on under the supervision of expert doctors.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited Suman in the hospital on Thursday afternoon. According to the Indian media Hindustan Times, the singer’s mood returned after seeing ‘Didi’ on this day. He tried to sit up. The singer talked to the Chief Minister while lying on the CCU bed.

At this time, the Chief Minister inquired about Suman’s physical condition. Talk to the doctors in charge. Mamata gave an update on the singer’s health. Assuring everyone, he said, ‘You are better than before. spoke I will go home, I am doing home. I informed, stay for another 10 days. Get well and then go home.’

Meanwhile, the artist recently got serious about eating a chicken sandwich while lying in a hospital bed. That obligation is also kept by the hospital. Kabir Suman asked Mamata to eat chocolate today. The chief minister was not disappointed, but the doctors allowed him to eat only biscuits leaving out the chocolate part due to diabetes.

The hospital authorities said that the oxygen saturation of the ‘young’ artist, aged seventy-five, has returned to normal. But there is a chest infection. The singer also has pneumonia. Heart condition is also not good. He is a diabetic patient. As a result, the doctors still do not say that the singer is out of danger.

Incidentally, Kabir Suman is still busy with music. Currently he is working on Bangla Khayal. He recently came to Bangladesh to conduct a workshop on this issue. At one time Suman was directly active in politics. He also became a Member of Parliament from Jadavpur for the Trinamool. But later, his distance with Trinamool increased. After that, he did not run for any election. However, Suman still refers to himself as a staunch ‘supporter’ of Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee.


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