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Malaysian girl in Bangladesh for love

Malaysian girl in Bangladesh for love

A Malaysian girl named Noor Azira Binte Azhar came to Bangladesh because of love. She had a long 6-year love affair with young Riaz Uddin of Lakshmipur. Riaz and Azira got married in Abirnagar area of ​​Lakshmipur municipality on Friday evening with a dowry of two lakh taka.

The groom Riaz is the son of Jamal Uddin of Abinagar area of ​​Lakshmipur Municipality. The bride Azira is the daughter of Azha Bin Hossain and Noor Asikin Bin Arefin of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Talking to Riaz, it is known that Riaz went to Malaysia about 9 years ago. One day, 6 years ago, Azira came to a fashion design institute for a class. It was there that Azira met Riyaz. Later love relationship developed.

Riaz said, ‘Ajira has heard bad things in the name of our country in Malaysia. But he is impressed by the kindness of a Bengali on the plane. At the airport he was welcomed to our country by those concerned. Azira is very happy about these things. Azira now respects Bangladeshis. I have been in the country for 1 year. Ajira will be in between coming and going. An application will be made to the concerned office of Bangladesh including the Malaysian embassy to bring him home at once.

Azira’s relation Riaz also said, ‘I have seen many girls in Malaysia. But I didn’t find anyone like Azira. Azira has a very good heart.’

And in this regard, Malaysian young woman Azira said, ‘Bangladeshi people are very wonderful and respectful. I love Riaz very much. Because she is very gentle and very beautiful. In-laws accepted me as a daughter. I stayed with them for 4 days. I felt them like my family.’

Riaz’s father Jamal Uddin said, ‘Riaz is my younger son. Wanted to organize a wedding with fanfare. It was not possible due to some complications. We whole family are happy in this marriage. Azira’s relatives wanted to come. But due to the complexity of the documents, he cannot come for the time being.’