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Mahir is also campaigning for voters in other areas

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Actress Mahia Mahi is now a politician. He is now at the climax of the vote after overcoming various obstacles. After a few days, it will be understood whether he is able to win the hearts of the voters, whether he can be their representative!

However, the proof that this heroine has won the hearts of many more was seen this time. Voters from other areas are also campaigning.

Dhakai film actress Mahia Mahi has become an independent candidate from Rajshahi-1 (Godagari-Tanore) constituency in the 12th National Assembly elections.

Last day (December 25), it was seen that some youths of Natore in Pashavarti district were campaigning with Mahir posters. One of them is Mahmudur Rahman. Who is associated with Trinamool Awami League of Singra Upazila of Natore.

He said, ‘Khalato Bano got married in the neighboring area. When I went there, I thought, let’s campaign. I did it with some Mahir truck marker posters from Mike Walla.’

Meanwhile, Mahia Mahi said yesterday that she wants to be fully involved in politics. A woman voter said to Mahi when she went to Gogram Union to vote on Tuesday, ‘After the vote, the leaders leave the country, but we will not see it! My home is Mandmala. I will stay here. I will not do any more movies. I have a child, a family. I will be with you now.’


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