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Mahi opened up about the viral video

by Afonso
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A video of small screen actress Samira Khan Mahi has recently gone viral on the internet. Where Mahi was seen completely without makeup. Seeing this, many people made crooked comments. He also made racist comments about skin color. This actress has spoken about this issue.

He also gave a stern reply to the detractors on social media Facebook.

Mahi writes, ‘Sometimes negative comments are heard about the skin color of actresses. Such comments can be seen in the posts of many people outside of themselves. But that is not the case with an actor. The reason for this is actually unknown. Maybe many of us are walking with medieval mindsets. I personally have always valued work. There is a lot of effort, suffering and hard work in the place where I am standing now.’

Regarding his thoughts, he further said, ‘People have love. But even then, sometimes people’s trolling about colors makes me think. Few people do just that though. But a man, an actress should be judged by her work. Not with anything else.’

Noting that he is more happy if you criticize the work than himself, he writes, Criticize the work, I will get the head. I will try to improve myself more. But don’t identify yourself by talking about skin color like this. I am working for you, I will do it. I want to be in your love, I want to live.’

Meanwhile, several stars are standing by Mahi’s side. It is known that Mahir’s video was accidentally made by a senior actress.

He tries to reveal Mahi’s makeupless face there. The senior artist is also criticized for such unartistic behavior.


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