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Mahi B Chowdhury’s cash has increased 4 times in five years

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Mahi B Chowdhury, Member of Parliament of Munshiganj-1 Constituency, has increased his cash by 4 times in five years. In 2018, he had 25 lakhs in cash, but now he has more than crores of rupees. Although the location of the land mentioned in the last affidavit is not in the affidavit this time, a new land of 69 lakh rupees in Pechardwip has been added.

Joint Secretary General Mahi B Chowdhury of Munshiganj-1 Constituency is the current Member of Parliament. He has become the candidate of the party in this seat.

In the affidavit given to the Election Commission in 2018, he stated that his annual income from business is Tk 23 lakh 14 thousand. This time it has come down to 3 lakh 90 thousand taka. However, although his wife had no income last time, this time as a director of an organization, the honorarium was shown as Tk. 14 lakh and 40 thousand.

According to the affidavit, Mahi B Chowdhury does not know how much gold and furniture he and his wife have. However, Mahi’s cash has increased more than 4 times. Mahi’s cash amount this time is 1 crore 13 lakh against Tk 25 lakh in 2018. And last time there was 5 lakh taka in the name of the wife, this time it is about 89 lakh.

In the affidavit of 2018, it is mentioned that there is land worth Tk 9.5 million in the name of Avalon Estate Limited, but this time it is not mentioned in Mahir’s affidavit. Instead, a land worth 69 lakh 63 thousand rupees has been added in Pechardwip.

Dr. Munshiganj. Mohammad Bahauddin, a lecturer at Yazuddin Ahmed Residential Model School and College, said, “The fair environment of the state machinery and the fair environment of voting and the fair environment of voting by taking legal measures to bring everyone under the law that we have laws to increase abnormal income. I humbly request you to take steps to stop the spread of black money.

Meanwhile, voters say that Mahi was isolated from the people despite being an elected representative. However, the leaders of the party are unwilling to accept this allegation.

A local resident said, ‘The allocation of MP’s development work is very less and the extra time MPs stay, they do special things. No such work has been seen in these five years.’

Gazi Shahidullah Kamal Jhilu, Member Secretary of Srinagar Upazila of Bangladesh, said, ‘He does not come to different places with a fleet of motorcycles including Sangpang. As much work as he has done and any kind of development of Munshiganj-1 Constituency, any kind of official work has never been hindered by him. Everyone has created a climate where people are happy and peaceful.’

The affidavit does not mention any house or flat belonging to Mahi and his wife. He has no liability. His nomination was canceled as the defaulter was a guarantor of a loan but it was upheld on appeal.


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