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Madaripur is ready to welcome the Prime Minister

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Madaripur is in a festive mood to welcome Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The work of making the stage has already been completed.

According to party sources, Sheikh Hasina will attend an election public meeting in Kalkini Upazila of Madaripur today and address as the chief guest. Extensive preparations have been made in Kalkini on the occasion of Sheikh Hasina’s arrival. On this occasion, the mood of festival is prevailing among the leaders and workers of Awami League, allied and fraternal organizations. Common people are also curious about what promises the Prime Minister will make for the development of these areas. The people of this area are eagerly waiting to hear the Prime Minister’s speech.

On the occasion of the Prime Minister’s election meeting, Awami League and its allied organizations have held several preparation and exchange meetings, campaigns and marches in Madaripur’s Kalkini. Apart from Kalkini upazila, miking is also going on in the surrounding districts and upazilas from last Thursday morning.

According to party sources of Awami League, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will come to Kalkini by road after a public meeting from Tungipara in Golapganj to Kotalipara at three o’clock on Saturday. Later, he will address the chief guest at the election rally at Syed Abul Hossain College ground in Kalkini Upazila. Sheikh Hasina’s sister Sheikh Rehana will also be present at this time.

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of interest among the Awami League as well as the common people around the Prime Minister’s visit to Kalkini. Several ordinary voters said that everyone is curious about what the Prime Minister will address in the public meeting. People are also interested to know what he will do in the future for the development of Madaripur-3 constituencies in Kalkini, Dasar and Madaripur, or what his election promises might be. Apart from this, since the upazila Awami League president Tahmina Begum is an independent candidate, voters are also very interested in whether the Prime Minister will comment on her or not.

Madaripur District Awami League President Shahabuddin Ahmed Mollah said that all preparations for the Prime Minister’s visit have been completed. He said, ‘Prime Minister’s first arrival will be at Kalkini in Madaripur. This is why people here are very cheerful. All the leaders and workers of Awami League and our affiliated organizations are working together to make this rally of our beloved leader a success. I believe that everyone will follow the directions that the Prime Minister will give to the party leaders and workers in his speech.’

Lokman Hossain Sardar, Joint General Secretary of Kalkini Upazila Awami League, said, ‘We hope that one lakh people will gather in the public meeting. Many people will come from the surrounding districts to see the Prime Minister. Our miking starts from Thursday. We are ready to welcome the Prime Minister.’

Madaripur-3 Constituency consists of five Unions of Kalkini, Dasar and Sadar. Awami League’s boat symbol candidate for this seat is Abdus Sobhan Mia Golap. He was elected as a Member of Parliament for the first time in the 11th National Parliament Elections. This time he has been nominated by Awami League for the second time. Tahmina Begum, the current Member of Parliament of reserved women’s seat and President of Kalkini Upazila Awami League, is in a strong position to compete with him.

Independent candidate and president of Kalkini Upazila Awami League Tahmina Begum and her chief coordinator of the election management committee and general secretary of Upazila Awami League Toufikuzzaman Shaheen said that although the prime minister’s public meeting was organized on the initiative of Kalkini Upazila Awami League, he will not be there. In this regard, Tahmina Begum said, ‘Prime Minister will come here, there can be no better news than this. We welcome him. But since I am contesting against the boat candidate, many of my workers will also come to the public meeting. This can lead to violence between both parties. Therefore, even if the Prime Minister wishes to be in the public meeting, I am unable to stay considering the current political situation in Madaripur-3 constituency.

Bangladesh Awami League presidium member and parliamentary candidate for Madaripur-2 Shajahan Khan said, ‘We are very happy that the Prime Minister is coming to Kalkini Upazila of Madaripur. He is campaigning all over the country. But in Kalkini he will address the public meeting in person. Bangabandhu’s younger daughter Sheikh Rehana will also be with him. The people of this country will again vote by boat as Sheikh Hasina said in the public meeting in Kalkini. We who are candidates for the boat are eagerly waiting. All preparations have been completed for this.’

Abdus Sobahan Mia Golap, nominated candidate of Awami League in Madaripur-3 constituency, said, ‘Thousands of leaders and workers from every union, ward and village will attend this public meeting in Kalkini. We think that lakhs of people will gather in this public meeting to see the Prime Minister and listen to his speech. This region is dominated by Awami League. Even then, everything will be clear in the Prime Minister’s speech. Those who are still opposing the boat, after hearing the Prime Minister’s speech, they will become the boat.’

Police Superintendent of Madaripur in this regard. Masud Alam said, strict security measures have been taken in Kalkini due to the arrival of the Prime Minister. All preparations have already been completed. Various intelligence agencies including district police, armed police battalion, RAB are conducting their activities at the field level for security in the area. Six levels of security have been created around the Prime Minister’s arrival.


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