Home News Macron: If the situation worsens, we are ready to ensure that Russia never wins in Ukraine

Macron: If the situation worsens, we are ready to ensure that Russia never wins in Ukraine

Macron: If the situation worsens, we are ready to ensure that Russia never wins in Ukraine

A Russian victory in Ukraine “would reduce Europe’s credibility to zero”, French President Emmanuel Macron declared on Thursday.

He added that in the conflict, which according to him is “existential for Europe and France”, “the security of the entire continent is at risk”, reports TASR according to the AFP news agency.

Macron went on to say his country is ready to ensure Russia does not win the war in Ukraine and warned allies against cutting aid.


Limiting aid is the defeat of Ukraine

“If the situation worsens, we are ready to ensure that Russia never wins this war,” Macron told French public media, warning that anyone advocating “restrictions” on aid to Ukraine was “choosing defeat.”

Macron repeated his position that the sending of Western troops to Ukraine should not be ruled out, but said that the current situation does not require it, adds the AP news agency.

The head of the Elysee Palace publicly outlined this hypothetical possibility in February, but it has sparked opposition from other European leaders.


All options are on the table

“We are not in that situation today, but all these options are possible,” Macron said on Thursday.

According to him, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, there are “too many restrictions” in our vocabulary.

“Two years ago we said we would never send tanks. But we sent them. Two years ago we said we would never send medium-range missiles. We sent them,” he said.

Macron said that France has “all options” on the table to support Ukraine.

“If the situation worsens, we will be ready” to prevent a Russian victory, the president said, but he also emphasized that his country “will never go on the offensive” in this conflict. “We will never take the initiative,” he said.

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