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Lytton- Calm down, look at that face in the mirror when…

Lytton- Calm down, look at that face in the mirror when…

There is no question of a black tip on the forehead, but if you put your face in the mirror, Liton Das and Nazmul Hossain Shantor are likely to see an invisible black mark on the forehead.

After Bangladesh lost to Sri Lanka in the first T20I in Sylhet in a breathless fashion today, the cricket lovers of this country are impressed by Mahmudullah and Zaker Ali’s two extraordinary fifties, but they are blaming the loss on the top order which collapsed a little.

Saw 3 for 30 and 4 for 68 in the target of 207. Soumya is experienced but erratic in Bangladesh’s top order, Tawheed Hriday is still young even though he shines at times. Two are left out, who have been regulars and seniors in the team for a long time, but lately their names are not giving much confidence in the top order – Liton Das and Nazmul Hossain Shanto!

Do not watch today’s match! Bangladesh had to set a record to win by chasing 207 runs, they had to get off to a good start. How did it start? Liton left the third ball of the innings without any runs!

Bangladesh is in danger as Soumya, Hridayao catch Liton’s way in a while. Then Mahmudullah came and started to beat, but he was calm at the other end, finally leaving the team at 68 runs, he left with 20 runs off 22 balls! In an innings that demands more than ten runs per over, Shanta is out under 100 strikerates!

Criticism of them would have been excessive after seeing only one match, Liton-Shantar’s recent performance has been giving the fans of Bangladesh disappointment! Frustration grows as their importance in the team and their performance become contradictory!

Shanta is now the captain of all three editions, while Liton Das, who was once in the leadership race, is one of the seniors in the dressing room. But what about their recent performance?

Lytton does not have a fifty in his last five T20 innings, but includes an unbeaten 41 against New Zealand in Napier last December. Before the last five innings without a fifty, however, there were two fifties and a forty-plus innings in three innings against England and Ireland last year.

Lytton has no fifty in his last eight innings in ODIs, but his 76 against England before his 66 against India in the World Cup will save him. He played only two Tests in 2023, so there is no point in calculating the Tests that way, there is an innings of 66 runs in four innings in those two Tests.

And calm? In his last eight innings in T20, he could not score more than 20 runs, let alone a fifty. He scored those 20 runs today.

In the ODI, however, he scored an unbeaten 51 runs against New Zealand in Napier in the last innings, before that he had 90 runs against Sri Lanka and 45 runs against Australia in the World Cup. However, there is no way to call him out of form in Tests. Three centuries in the last six innings!

The more consistent performance that the team wants from them, how much can Liton-Shant give it? Both of them are supposed to see the black spot on the forehead when they look at their faces in the mirror.

Bangladesh hopes to answer the question quickly with the bat of the two.