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Low income people in trouble due to cold and fog

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In Meherpur-Chuadanga, low income people are in trouble due to severe winter and fog. Considering the temperature, there is no cold current in Meherpur, but in Konkan, the cold has created the condition of the working people. Mild wind and Konkan cold increase the intensity of winter several times.

Chuadanga always feels cold as there is not much difference between night and day temperature. People are disoriented in winter in Konkan. Especially those who have to work at night for professional reasons suffer more. This year, no news of distribution of winter clothes has been received so far. There is a huge demand for winter clothes among low income people.

Low income people have to suffer more due to severe winter. Day laborers have to brave the winter to come to the city in search of work. Rickshaw and van drivers can be seen waiting in the city since dawn hoping to get passengers.

In Meherpur, due to heavy fog and severe cold for several days, the seed bed of Boro rice has started to perish. Green rice seedlings have turned red. Farmers are using different types of pesticides to protect the seedlings. Boro paddy seedlings have started to rot due to excessive fog. Seedlings are turning red. Farmers are worried about this.

Meanwhile, the Chuadanga Meteorological Office said the lowest temperature recorded in the region was 11.5 degrees Celsius at 6 am on Thursday. However, the temperature may decrease slightly at 9 am.

Chuadanga Meteorological Office observer Zahidul Haque said, ‘Since the fog is less than the other day, the cold has been felt more. The minimum temperature in Chuadanga has been fluctuating between 10.4 degrees Celsius and 12 degrees Celsius for quite some time.

Meanwhile, the minimum temperature dropped again in the winter district of Panchagarh. At 9 am on Thursday, the minimum temperature was recorded at 9.6 degrees Celsius by the Meteorological Office. The minimum temperature on Wednesday was 10.1. No fog. However, since Tuesday afternoon, cold air has been felt in Konkan overnight. In the early morning, people were relieved to see the sun.

(Rajibul Haque Suman, Meherpur/ Manik Akbar, Chuadanga/ Safiqul Alam, Panchagarh)


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