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Lover in wife’s inbox, ‘father of my two children is your husband’

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Kyle Walker was kicked out by his wife Annie Kilner in the second week of January. On January 10, Annie announced the end of the 14-year relationship through an Instagram post.

The reason behind this was Walker’s long-time girlfriend Lorin Goodman’s extramarital relationship. The Manchester City rightback admitted as much in a lengthy interview with the Daily Sun.

Walker expressed his regret for scaring his ‘soulmate’ and best friend Annie so much. And says having a second child with Lauryn broke up his marriage.

Walker and Annie Kilner were married in December 2021 in front of close people. However, the relationship between the two started in 2009. The two have three children, Ryan, Roman and Rain. Even next March, the fourth child of this couple will be born. But he didn’t have to think much about getting Walker out of the house.

Kyle admits he’s known Lauryn for more than a decade. Lauryn has repeatedly claimed she had an affair with Walker. But Walker has always denied it. But Lauryn gave birth to a son in April 2020, and the baby’s father was Kyle Walker.

Walker still remembers breaking the news to his then-girlfriend and partner Annie. Wanted to tell Annie before the news went viral. So he called from practice and said, ‘I need to tell you something. I had physical relations with one.’

Annie started shouting to tell who she was in a relationship with. “I have more to tell you,” Walker said. Annie said, ‘Kyle, please. There can be nothing beyond that.’ who later admitted, ‘The word “baby” never crossed my mind. It was a nightmare. “Lauren says she’s pregnant and I’m the baby’s father,” he said before I could even think.

Annie kicks Kyle out of the house. But thinking about the children, he allowed him to come back again. Kyle vows not to have anything to do with Lauryn except for child support. But in 2022, Lauryn announced she was looking for a new home near the Walkers’ home. Kyle claims he wanted to stop Lauren by going to the lawyer’s office. It was there that he met his son, Cairo, for the first time, and Walker reconnected with Lorin.

In October 2022, Walker, who suffered a groin injury, went to London for treatment and met Lauryn, ‘not intentionally or premeditated, but I got physical with her again. Something good was happening. I’m not making excuses. I tore my groin muscle, trying to get fit for the World Cup.’

Then the bombshell dropped, Lauryn got pregnant again,’ Lauryn told me in late October, early November. It seems that I was going to the upper floor of the training ground, when the phone rang. Physio was with me at that time. I almost fainted. I became completely white. “What happened?” said the physio. I didn’t say anything, because I have to digest the news first.’

“Nobody held a gun to my forehead and told me to do this,” Walker says. I did it myself and I don’t blame anyone for it. I did, me and Lorraine. If I could go back and do something different, I would. I knew something like that would happen. The second child was born and the deadline settled. ‘

Then, the day after last Boxing Day, Lauryn sent Annie a message on Instagram: ‘My kids have two different dads – not the same dad.’ He then sent a photo of the two kids and Walker spending time with him in the park.

He found out why Lauren sent such a message, while Annie was about to become a mother again. Kyle still remembers, ‘Before Christmas, when I returned home after the Club World Cup, I realized that there was going to be trouble. Lauryn called me screaming, Annie is pregnant. I said, no he didn’t. He’s no one to talk to about it, I thought, I’ll have to lie to him or it’ll all come out.’

To no avail though, the bomb went off.


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