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Lost wallet found after 65 years

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The wallet, which contained lottery tickets to win a 1959 Chevrolet, old-fashioned credit cards, and black-and-white family photos, was hidden behind a bathroom wall at the Plaza Theater Hall in Atlanta. The wallet was found recently while renovating the cinema hall.

According to the report of the American media CNN, construction workers found a hidden place behind a broken wall of the bathroom during the renovation after almost 65 years. An old wallet was found in the dust. Plaza Theater owner Chris Escobar decided to return the wallet to those who deserved it anyway.

Escobar told CNN, ‘It’s understandable that it’s gone missing from a family that’s lived in this area for 65 years. If I find them, I thought what would be unimaginable.’

The Plaza Theater is Atlanta’s oldest movie theater. At the same time it is a place of cultural heritage. Many old items can be found here. But finding a wallet that hasn’t been traced for more than half a century is certainly quite different.

Escobar, the owner of the hall, said that the wallet is full of history. As a result, Malik had a good clue to find his family. By looking at the license inside, it is understood that it belongs to a woman named Floy Culbreath. But the problem is that at that time a large part of women used the name of their husbands. Escobar enlisted the help of his wife, Nicole, to track down the owner of the wallet. Nicole finds the obituary in the newspaper after the death of the woman’s husband, Roy Culbreath. After gathering information from that source, Floy Culbreath’s daughter, Thea Chamberlin, was found.

Floy Culbreath, however, died in 2005. Daughter Chamberlain said her mother had the beauty of famous actress Myrna Loy and the personality of actress June Cleaver. He said, Floy Culbreath was also involved in various social activities. He also contributed to charities like helping those suffering from cerebral palsy.

The wallet contained family photos, raffle draw tickets, several insurance cards and doctor’s appointment papers. Chamberlain is currently 71 years old. Chamberlain was only six when his mother lost the wallet. He said that the various accessories found inside the wallet undoubtedly belonged to his mother.

The Culbreath family gathered last November to celebrate the collection and recovery of the wallet. There were children and grandchildren of Floy and Roy Culbreath at the event.


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