Home News Locomía: Lurdes speaks, the fifth and unknown member of the group

Locomía: Lurdes speaks, the fifth and unknown member of the group

Locomía: Lurdes speaks, the fifth and unknown member of the group

Locomía marked a before and after with its XL fans by stretching the “New romantic” trend to infinity in the nineties. Three decades later, his slogan “Disco, Ibiza, Locomía” gives the title to a film that will be released on May 17. In it, Blanca Suárez plays Lurdes Iribar, the fifth character in the group and the most unknown. His life was fashion and he came to Ibiza to fulfill his dream with the help of his friend Xavier Font. Taking advantage of the presentation of the Malaga Film Festival, the actress has recounted to THE REASON his excitement at the proposal of such a thuggish role: «I became another crazy person. I was fascinated by this concept of friendship in the group, sharing and taking refuge in each other.»

It was a challenge for Blanca to bring Lurdes to life and they prepared the character’s records together in a nightclub in Barcelona. «She helped me understand this group that had created a bubble in which they broke out of the typical stereotypes that pigeonhole women.. Lurdes had the opportunity to develop his creativity, to have a very important presence in the life of Locomía. But when the group began to gain fame, she distanced herself from it because she did not feel well treated.

Lourdes and Blanca Suarez in the Locomía film
Lourdes and Blanca Suarez in the Locomía filmLR

Lurdes was the only woman who continued with Locomía when their popularity exploded on radio and television. She passed the test of the reviled manager José Luis Gil, who shattered the group when one morning he showed up in Ibiza to choose those who would be the definitive Locomía: Xavier Font, Luis Font, Carlos Armas, Manuel Arjona and Lurdes. At first she would only be in charge of designing the outfits and remaining in the background, but she quickly began to sing and appear in her performances, in her video clips and even on the “Super Pop” cards. «I have always been different and I was born with a pencil in my hand, when people still did not understand what the word fashion design means. That’s why, when I met Xavier Font, who was like me, I said: “This is my tribe,” says Lurdes.

His life has changed a lot since he met the leader of Locomía. She now lives in the Basque Country and is a single parent of three children.: “The life is a fight. I had breast cancer nine years ago and it was a gift that the entire group was attentive. Lurdes thinks that at some point he should have slammed the table to impose his opinion. «On tour in Argentina and Peru, I had to calm them down because their fame had risen. At 20 years old it is difficult to control that. The Locomía were like Michael Jackson in Latin America.

One of the original formations of Locomía, with Xavier Font, on the right of the image
One of the original formations of Locomía, with Xavier Font, on the right of the imageThe reasonfreemarker.core.DefaultToExpression$EmptyStringAndSequenceAndHash@4c192eb0

In Spain they only saw us as ladybugs with fans. They looked at us strange. Now that I think about it, envy persecuted us from the beginning, not only me but also them. “They even burned our house out of pure envy, mind you.” The name of Locomía was a trend in the most influential circles of Madrid, although massive success would come at the Star Garden. «The fan phenomenon was totally unleashed. There were moments of panic. Because I was a woman, I was left out of the group more than once. Now thanks to Blanca Suárez, everyone will know a little better the importance of the women who are there.

Two different women and one point in common

Lurdes is delighted with the result of the fiction: «It is a gift of destiny after so long. It makes me happy that new generations know our history and let them know that in the end life brings things to you. And that’s how I arrived at Locomía. I have always wanted to vindicate the role of women and I believe that Blanca Suárez has perfectly understood the message and transmitted it. We are two very different female registries, but with a common point, which is to give visibility to women in our society.