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Livestock Minister calls for selling products at low profit in Ramadan

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Livestock Minister Md urged traders to sell products at a low profit in the upcoming month of Ramadan. Abdur Rahman. He made this call at the opening ceremony of a workshop at Dhaka Reporters Unity on Thursday morning.

Md. Abdur Rahman said, ‘A meeting has already been held with the stakeholders for the supply of milk, eggs, fish, meat at a fair price during the month of Ramadan. Ahead of Ramadan, arrangements will be made to sell fish, meat, milk, eggs at affordable prices to marginal people and low-income people in a mobile manner.

Livestock Minister said, ‘We have production, fish in the market, eggs, chicken, everything. But the price is often going out of affordability. For example, fish production is increasing, chicken production is increasing, dairy sector production is increasing, dairy products are developing. Along with this, the moral degradation of the people of our country is increasing.

The minister said, ‘Entrepreneurs who are involved in production surely have the right to get fair price. Consumers also have the right to get products within their affordability and purchasing power. There are middlemen between producers and consumers. They buy products from villages at low prices and bring them to cities and sell them at exorbitant prices. This issue should be highlighted in the media. The middlemen have to pull the rush of greedy desires.’

The minister also said that in the case of import of food materials used in the livestock sector, the matter of reducing the duty and increasing the production will be considered.


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