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Liverpool or City – who will win this time in the eyes of the super computer

by Afonso
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Only halfway through the season. If the question is asked now, who will win the Premier League title, it is probably exaggerated. The Premier League is considered to be the most competitive domestic tournament in European football.

On Friday, Opta Analysis published a similar analysis on the Premier League. According to a report by Opter Supercomputer, Manchester City is the front runner for the title this season.

However, the Citizens are fourth in the points table in the Premier League. City is 5 points behind the leading Liverpool (42 points). City, however, played one game less than the rest due to the Club World Cup match last week.

As an opter, Guardiola’s men have a 55.1% chance of winning the title at the end of the season. Supercomputer’s analysis puts Liverpool (27.3%) at the top of the points table. At this stage of the season, J├╝rgen Klopp’s disciples are in better condition than last time. The All Reds finished 2022 with 13 points less than this year, ending the season in fifth.

In an analysis published on December 18, Opta saw City’s chances of winning the title at 39.3%. Arsenal’s chances of finishing second were 29.9%. Arsenal’s odds have dropped to 15.3 per cent in less than two weeks. That is, Arsenal will finish the season in third place as opters.

Arsenal, however, have no one else to blame. Mikel Arteta’s side lost against West Ham after drawing with Liverpool. In this, Arsenal is 2 points behind Liverpool in the second place in the table. The Gunners had a further 10 points more at this time of the year last season. Still they could not win the league.

After sharing points with the Gunners, Liverpool turned around against Burnley. As an opter, Klopp’s side’s chances of winning the title increased by 3.7 percent. According to the December 18 report, the All Reds’ hopes of winning the title were 23.6 percent.

City has benefited the most since the result of the Arsenal-Liverpool match was a draw. As the season wore on, City, who had suddenly lost their way, had won just one of their last six matches. However, after winning the Club World Cup, Guardiwala’s disciples earned a full three points in the last match of the domestic league against Everton.

Opta puts the odds of Aston Villa winning in the English league this season (1.9%) below two percent. Earlier reports also gave Unai Emery’s side a 6.4 percent chance of winning. But Aston Villa managed to collect only 1 point from the last two matches. However, Opter’s analysis says that Emery’s men will end the season in the last four.

According to Opta, apart from these four teams, the title can only go to Tottenham at home. But the probability of that is also very low, only 0.3 percent. Besides, no other team has a chance to become the champion, according to the prediction of the supercomputer.


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