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Like in the movie I had to go to the police station: Tasnia Farin

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Web film ‘Asama’ opens on streaming platform Bangla on Thursday (January 18). Popular actress Tasnia Farin played the central role in it. Earlier yesterday (January 17) evening, the premiere of the movie was held at Star Cineplex located at SKS Tower in the capital. On this day, Farin saw Asamaya with the actors, crew and journalists.

The story of the movie is like this – Tasnia Farin, a girl from a middle class family. The name is ‘Urbi’. Their family of tension with parents and siblings. Incidentally, he was accused of being involved in a criminal gang. He has to go to jail. Her mother was surprised to see her daughter there. He slapped her for questioning Urbi’s dress-up. Besides, the director has also shown the society’s show-off disorder.

When asked whether Farin ever had to face such an undesirable situation in real life as in the movie, he said to the media, ‘I have not come across such a situation so far. But many people I know have been like this. And I think you’ll see a lot of cases like that around—people who may be innocent, who are innocent, but they get involved in a situation that is not their fault. From which salvation is very difficult. As we saw the ending in the movie, sometimes there is a reverse ending. Suddenly a family was destroyed. Negative impact on society. The message is conveyed through humor, I could relate to the story very much.’

Although he did not face such incidents, Fareen’s mobile was stolen from BFDC during the shooting of the movie. In that incident he had to go to the police station. The actress kept remembering that incident in the untimely premiere.

Farin said, ‘During the unscheduled shooting, my mobile was lost. The scene we were watching in the movie—our Eresh Bhai’s mobile goes missing. He went to the police station. The same thing happened in my life. It was really funny to see that this thing happened to me during the shooting! Maybe it is because of the loss of mobile that such a good production has been made possible.’

Incidentally, apart from Fareen, Tariq Anam Khan, Runa Khan, Monira Mithu, Intekhab Dinar, Ziaul Haque Palash, Shahed Ali, Sharaf Ahmed Jiban, Shimul, Shaswat Dutta and others have acted in the movie. From tomorrow, viewers will be able to watch the content by subscribing to Bangat for 20 taka.


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