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Life sentence for 3 accused in Munshiganj murder case

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In Munshiganj murder case. Milan Shikder, Md. Faisal Jewel Sheikh, Md. The court sentenced 3 accused named Nazir Hossain Moral to imprisonment for life with rigorous imprisonment and 50 thousand rupees fine for one more year. In addition, the court sentenced the accused to 10 years of hard labor and 20 thousand rupees fine for another 6 months of imprisonment.

Judge Kazi Abdul Hannan of the Munshiganj District and Sessions Judge’s Court gave the verdict at around 12 noon on Tuesday. At this time, the accused were brought to the court under police guard. The accused have been in jail since their arrest.

Accused Milan Shikder is the son of deceased Nazir Ahmed Shikder of North Masadgaon village of Lauhjong upazila. Md. Faisal Jewel Sheikh is the son of Milan Khan of the same area. Md Nazir Hossain Moral is the son of deceased Badsha Moral of the same village. Court branch official Md Hossain confirmed the matter.

According to the statement of the case, the deceased Barek Sheikh was an assistant entrepreneur in Hasail Union Parishad office of Tongibari upazila. On the morning of January 7, 2021, Ah Barek Sheikh left home for office. Later, around 12:30 noon, Tongibari Police Station informed the victim’s father, Mustafa Sheikh Moral, that Barek Sheikh was injured and lying next to the electricity pole on the south side of the road between the bridge going from Balai to Toulkai.

According to the police, on the day of the incident, these accused came from Louhjong upazila to the nearby Baligaon market of Tongibari upazila on a motorcycle and took a position in front of Bank Asia. One of them entered the bank and started identifying the high withdrawer. The other two remained standing in front of the bank. At that time, the deceased Abdul Barek Sheikh, slung a school bag on his shoulder from the bank and quickly got down from the bank and headed towards Tongibari market in an autorickshaw. Then the accused started following the autorickshaw on a motorcycle.

When the auto rickshaw reached a secluded place in the middle of the bridge going from Balai to Tolkai of Tongibari upazila, the accused stopped the auto rickshaw and asked the victim to get down from the auto rickshaw. As the deceased did not want to come down, the accused Faisal hit the left side of the shoulder of the deceased with the knife in his hand. When the victim fell from the autorickshaw, accused Milan hit the left side of the victim’s back, snatched the bag from the victim. The victim died on the spot as a result of the injuries sustained by the accused. Later, the father of the victim, Mustafa, filed a case at the Tongibari police station as a plaintiff, and a total of 19 witnesses testified in the case.


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