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LGRD minister’s income has decreased but his wealth has increased

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Local Government Rural Development and Cooperative (LGRD) Minister. Tajul Islam’s assets have increased two and a half times despite the decrease in income in five years. He is a Member of Parliament from Comilla-9 (Laksam-Manoharganj) Constituency and Awami League’s nominated candidate for this Constituency in the 12th National Parliament Election. These facts have been revealed in the analysis of the affidavits submitted for candidacy.

Analyzing the affidavit, it can be seen that the income of the minister has decreased in five years, but the assets have increased two and a half times. The highest income growth is from bonds. Which is about 21 times.

Analyzing the calculation of the affidavit in 2023, it was found that his annual income is 4 crore 17 lakh 72 thousand 799 taka. In this year’s affidavit, his highest income was Tk 1 crore 69 lakh 939 from house, shop, apartment rent. One crore 63 lakh 89 thousand 277 taka from shares, savings certificates and bank deposits. Meanwhile, the income in 2018 was four crore 38 lakh five thousand 221 taka. That year he earned the most from shares, savings bonds and bank deposits of Tk 2 crore 94 lakh 5 thousand 331. He earned 22 lakh 65 thousand 132 taka from house, shop, apartment rent.

In the current affidavit, his movable property is Tk 97 crore 13 lakh three thousand 364. Out of which there are only bonds worth Tk 80 crore and shares worth Tk 5 crore 23 lakh 11 thousand 230. The minister’s cash amount is eight lakh 52 thousand 770 taka. Immovable property is 21 crore 56 lakh 35 thousand 564 taka. It has commercial buildings, houses, apartments, tea plantations, rubber plantations, fisheries, etc. worth 20 crores, 4 lakhs and 75 thousand 612 takas. All prices are at the time of acquisition. There is agricultural land worth 1 crore 51 lakh 59 thousand 925 rupees. His total property is 118 crore 69 lakh 38 thousand 928 taka.

He mentioned in the affidavit of 2018 that the movable property of the minister at that time was 28 crore 36 lakh 92 thousand 931 taka. At that time the bond was Tk 3 crore 82 lakh. Shares were 16 crore 66 lakh 41 thousand 730 taka. The minister’s transportation was one crore 89 lakh four thousand 344 taka.

Mention, in this year’s affidavit of the minister, he has written the information of advance house rent of Tk 4 crore nine lakh 18 thousand 400 and there is no case against the minister. Minister Md. Tajul Islam is the son of Alhaj Zulfikar Ali, a resident of Paikpara village of Laksam municipality. The affidavit mentions his educational qualification as MBA.


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