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Letter from 43 former Israeli officials asking for Netanyahu’s removal

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Forty-three former national security officials, renowned scientists and prominent business leaders have called for the removal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a ‘threat to Israel’s existence’. They have written to the President of Israel and the Speaker of the Parliament, demanding the removal of Benjamin Netanyahu.

American broadcaster CNN reported that among the signatories of the letter were four former directors of Israel’s foreign and internal security services, two former chiefs of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and three Nobel Prize winners.

The letter was sent to Amir Ohana, the speaker of Israel’s legislative assembly, Knesset, on Friday. Earlier on Thursday, the same letter was sent to the country’s President Isaac Herzog.

The letter undoubtedly embarrasses Israel’s far-right government led by Netanyahu. According to the letter, Netanyahu has sought to introduce amendments to reduce the powers of the judiciary, which has weakened Israel’s security system and resulted in the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel.

The letter also states, ‘We believe that Netanyahu is primarily responsible for Israel’s current situation. Because of him, more than 1,200 Israelis were killed, more than 4,500 were injured and more than 230 Israelis were kidnapped. More than 130 of those kidnapped are still being held by Hamas. The blood of these casualties is on Netanyahu’s hands.

Benjamin Netanyahu took office as the Prime Minister of Israel a year ago. But in the meantime, his popularity has declined drastically. A poll released last week showed that Netanyahu’s Likud Party is unlikely to win the election. However, Israel is unlikely to hold national elections before 2026.


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