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Let the first vote not fail, Prime Minister to the youth

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Awami League president Sheikh Hasina urged the young generation to vote by boat, keeping in mind that the first vote of life should not fail. He said this while attending a public meeting organized at the historic Bangabandhu Udyan in Barisal on Friday.

Awami League President Sheikh Hasina said that terrorist group BNP has no right to do politics in Bangladesh. Awami League does politics for the welfare of people. And BNP does politics by burning people. BNP is trying to disrupt the elections with friends of the party convicted of war crimes.

Besides the boat, Sheikh Hasina also introduced the candidates of the partner parties. He urged to continue the progress of development by voting on boats. The president of Awami League urged Shajahan Omar to win by voting for leaving the terrorist group and boarding the boat.

At this time, Sheikh Hasina also promised to build a 6-lane highway from Faridpur’s Bhanga to Barisal-Kuakata-Payra.

Sheikh Hasina said, ‘Bangladesh has developed today because the democratic process has continued for 15 years. This progress must be continued. Today’s Bangladesh is a changing Bangladesh. Today there is no famine, no lamentation.’

Awami League President said that people voted for Awami League in 2008 against BNP’s misrule. When Awami League came to power, Bangladesh moved forward. Today, Bangladesh is a changed Bangladesh. I promised that no room would be dark. I kept that word. I gave electricity to every house today. I have eradicated poverty. I have done digital Bangladesh.

Asserting to build a smart Bangladesh in 2041, Sheikh Hasina said, ‘We are working towards that goal.’

Sheikh Hasina said, ‘Their (BNP-Jamaat) friends are the war criminals who have joined hands with the Pakistani invasion forces for genocide, rape and looting. BNP is a group of murderers, terrorists, ten truckloads of arms smugglers, money launderers and embezzlers of orphans’ money. And they are joined by the war criminal group Jamaat. They don’t want elections, they want to thwart elections.’

The prime minister said, ‘After killing the father of the nation in 1975, not only did they kill a president, but they destroyed the spirit of our liberation war, destroyed the values ​​of freedom. Not only that, Jai Bangla slogans, March 7 speech and even pictures of the Father of the Nation were banned. BNP-Jamaat did not build people’s destiny from power but built their own destiny. The people of the country do not want to see them in power anymore.’

Meanwhile, Sheikh Hasina said to the people present at the public meeting, ‘You are invited to go to the polling station early on the 7th. What is the brand? boat brand Vote on the boat brand. If you vote for this boat, it will be a smart Bangladesh.’


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