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Learn how to take care of neglected skin

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By skin care we mean face, hand, foot care. But besides this it is important to take care of the skin of other parts of the body. If not every day, check at least once a week. Here are some tips on how to take care of neglected skin.

Many people find that the skin is normal. But there are some black spots on the back. Getting a smooth and even tone requires proper back care. Usually the parts of our back that are exposed become dark. Sometimes dark spots appear. If in that area, apply sunscreen first before going out in the sun. While bathing, scrub the area regularly with a long-handled brush. Applying sesame oil on the spots will also get a lot of benefits.

A special pack may be needed for dark spots on the body. Make a pack by mixing gram flour, sour curd and turmeric powder together. Then you can apply it on the stain. Note, the thicker the pack, the better. Wait half an hour after application. When dry, rub and wash. If done regularly, the stain will disappear.

There are many other parts of the body, which are not noticed every day. Underarms, navel, ears and behind should be kept clean regularly. However, all such organs require extra care and vigilance. It is important to maintain personal hygiene to keep yourself well. So do not neglect any part of the body.

As the glands in the underarm secrete sweat, they mix with bacteria on the surface of the skin. As a result, it creates foul odor in no time. In addition, clothes get sweat stains. Since sweat is a waste product of the body, it is important to clean the underarms well during bathing.

Can use body scrub twice a week. It will not stink, the skin will also be fresh. Mix sour curd with rice powder and a little turmeric powder and apply it on the underarms. You can also apply this same pack on the navel. Leave it for a while and wash it off.

You can apply olive oil on the ear lobes, back part, abdomen before bathing. Massage with light hands. It will keep those parts clean.

Even if you use deodorant or talcum powder every day, sweat will be reduced in these areas and you can stay odor free.


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