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Leaders and activists at Sheikh Hasina’s public meeting in Faridpur with piecemeal procession

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Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s election rally venue in Faridpur, full of slogans and processions. As the day progressed, Awami League leaders and workers began to gather in piecemeal processions. Sheikh Hasina will address the election rally at Rajendra College ground around 3 pm.

On the surface, it can be seen that the forum is made in the shape of a boat. In the meantime, district and local Awami League leaders have started appearing on the stage. Seats are arranged in different tiers. The leaders and activists are entering the public meeting through four gates around the ground of the city branch of Rajendra College. Boat election posters, banners covered the road outside the Jansabha ground. Hundreds of microphones have been installed across the city. The public meeting place has been wrapped in a blanket of impeccable security.

It is known that the Prime Minister has already left for Faridpur by road from Dhaka.

The local Awami League leaders say that Sheikh Hasina will seek votes for the candidates of boats in 4 seats of Faridpur from this public meeting organized by Faridpur district Awami League. Besides, talk about future direction and development.

General Secretary of Faridpur District Awami League Ishtiaq Arif said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is coming to Faridpur for the election rally. About lakhs of people will gather in this public meeting. All kinds of preparations have already been completed to make the public meeting a success. In addition to the party leaders and workers, there has been a lot of enthusiasm among the common people.

On the arrival of the Prime Minister, the presence of law and order forces in the city is noticeable. The presence of law enforcement personnel was also seen on the roofs of various buildings.


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