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Law and order forces are on high alert around Victory Day

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Due to the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections, the parade is not being held on Victory Day this time, at the National Parade Ground. However, the remaining events will be held across the country including the capital. The police say that even if there is no threat of vandalism around Victory Day, law and order forces will be on maximum alert.

December 16 Great Victory Day. 53 years of victory in armed struggle. Like every year, the day will be celebrated in the state.

However, the Victory Day parade will not be held at the National Parade Ground due to the 12th National Assembly elections. The day will be celebrated with various events across the country.

The political situation is a bit heated ahead of the elections. Therefore, law and order forces have taken several levels of special security measures throughout the country including Dhaka on the Great Victory Day.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Additional Commissioner (Crime). Khandkar Mahid Uddin said, ‘The program that is held at the National Parade Ground will not take place this time. One of the main reasons for this is that we are going through a different time this year. We do not have any special threat intelligence. However, as we have some care for safety, we also have extra care.’

RAB says that 4000 members will be deployed across the country ahead of Victory Day.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of the law and media wing of the organization, said, ‘There have been incidents of vandalism or violence at various times around the 12th National Parliament election. With this in mind, we are basically the day of Victory Day, although there is no big event this time. We will be engaged for security in the programs that will be held on the occasion of Victory Day.’

The police headquarters has also planned to strengthen security around the day.

Bangladesh Police DIG (Operation) Anwar Hossain said, ‘If there is a special event, we pay more attention to it. Metropolitan police, district police told everyone, arson, vandalism in the evening.. because several incidents happened. So we told everyone to be more active later in the evening.’

Law and order forces will be on utmost alert so that no evil forces can rise up around Victory Day.


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