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Launch fire in Sugandha river: identity of 9 bodies not identified even after 2 years

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The identities of the 9 charred bodies have not been identified even two years after the fire at the launch in Sugandha river. 49 people died in fire incident at Abhiyan-10 launch in Jhalkathi. Alleging that the fire happened due to negligence, the relatives of the deceased have demanded punishment and compensation for the launch owner and those concerned.

On December 24, 2021, a fire broke out in Sugandha river in Jhalkathi during Abhiyan-10 launch. The launch was going from Dhaka to Barguna. 49 people died due to the fire that started from the engine room. The bodies of 26 of the dead have been identified and handed over to their relatives. 23 unidentified bodies were buried in 21 graves. The following year, 14 people were identified by collecting samples from relatives of the missing, but 9 bodies have not yet been identified.

Two days after this incident, a lawyer filed a case against 20/25 people, making Ham Jalal Sheikh, the owner of the launch, the main accused. The Department of Shipping filed another case in the naval court.

Government assistance of 1.5 lakh taka was given to the relatives of the identified victims. But many families who have lost their breadwinners spend their days in poverty.

The wife of the deceased Mohib said that the son has grown up. But he cannot afford to enroll him in school.

On the other hand, Mahim’s mother said that they are going through a lot of trouble after losing their son. There is always scarcity in the world.

After the accident, the issue of launch operation despite engine failure came to the fore. Relatives of the deceased alleged that if the drivers of the launch had tried, the accident would not have happened. But they didn’t try that. Apart from this, they said that the launch owners should also be brought under punishment in this accident. Apart from this, they also demanded financial assistance to the families who lost their children.

In this regard Barguna District Commissioner said. Rafiqul Islam said, ‘We are aware of the matters of the case. We are keeping track of them. We will try to identify the victims and provide compensation to the relatives of the victims.’


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