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Lata Mangeshkar used to take Rs.100 per song

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Many people call him Kokilkanthi, some say he is a constant star of Sangeetakasha. The name is Lata Mangeshkar. Today (February 6) is the death anniversary of this legendary artist of the subcontinent. His life journey started in 1929 from Indore, India. On this day of 2022, Parpar Pari Jaman is famous. Apart from music, this legend has led a simple life. There are some unknown information about him –

1. Lata Mangeshkar is not her real name. His name was later changed after an incident. After birth, her parents first named her Hema.

2. Lata was living a happy life with her parents and siblings. But with time Lata’s father’s financial condition deteriorated. Baba Deenath’s theater company also closed down and he was heavily in debt. When father Dinnath died young, daughter Lata suddenly assumed the role of family guardian.

3. He could give voice to an actress of any age. Age was just a number to his voice.

4. Lata Mangashkar means timeless song. But in the sixties and seventies, he used to sing a song for only 100 rupees.

5. Lata is not married. As a result, there is no successor. As a result, after his death, the question arose in the minds of many who will be the current owner of the property left by Lata Mangeshkar? Although Lata Mangeshkar herself had fixed everything.

6. He had a total property of 200 crores. According to Lata Mangeshkar’s lawyer, all her assets go into her trust. He ran a trust in his father’s name.

7. Although his car or other things are now shared by everyone in his family. Some things are taken care of. Which was used by Lata himself.


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