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Last night beating of ‘Ustad’ Musharraf in Mubaraknama

by Afonso
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Every human being has a limit of tolerance. Up to that limit, a person keeps his mouth shut and tolerates many things. He suffered extreme humiliation. But even an apparently harmless person can become dangerous when crossed.

‘Mobaraknama’ starts by explaining this very thing. First we witness the main character’s transformation process from soft to hard. The process is so perfectly filmed and acted that one can’t help but finish the entire episode. At least the interest to know about the main character Mubarak is repeatedly thrust into the mind of the viewer.

“Mobaraknama” is 100% successful in drawing the audience into the story in the beginning. Recently, the OTT platform released the first season of the series. Its story is told, ‘Mubarak, a once established lawyer, now a grocer’s employee, retires haunted by guilt. When a sensational case suddenly knocks on his door, Mubarak doesn’t care much about it. But knowing defeat is certain, he finally decides to fight this case. Because this case may be his last chance to atone!’

Jenny in a scene from the series.  Photo: Hichai

From this it is understood that the signs of emotional stress are clear in Mubarak’s character. Just as there is a struggle with oneself, there is also a struggle to prove oneself to the outside world. Both these roles therefore required a very strong performer. In that case Musharraf Karim is the most suitable name. The way this actor portrayed Mubarak on screen, it never felt like we were watching the actor Musharraf. Rather, it is the character of Mubarak, who is not broken or sprained, that remains in the spotlight, as was the case with the character of OC Haroon in the ‘Mahanagar’ series.

Mubarak-like Musharraf is brash, cocky, reckless and at the same time extremely sensitive. Mubarak doesn’t stop being slapped. Instead, if he loses the case, he allows 49 more slaps in advance. He is not frightened by society’s displeasure, but by the guilt of helping to convict the innocent. So Mubarak does not hesitate to jump into the fire to get rid of his regrets.

Musharraf was impeccable in everything from body language to eyes.  Photo: Hichai

Musharraf Karim has done his best in such a role. Musharraf was impeccable in everything from body language to eyes. Participating in the debate as a lawyer did not feel imposed at all. Rather, Musharraf made it more alive.

The story of this series is very simple. We hear such stories all the time. But Munsiana is to present the familiar story in front of the audience anew, to keep the audience interested in watching it. In this case director Golam Sohrab Dodul will get letter mark. Because first of all, he had to arrange a courtroom drama in a familiar story. This genre is quite familiar. At least for OTT viewers. Many movie-series have been made on this theme in neighboring countries, they have also become popular. So the audience had to be given a new wrap. It was also necessary to make some fundamental distinctions. Both these tasks have been done well by the story writer and director Golam Sohrab Dodul. Also, the fact that the wounds of our present patriarchal society are so skillfully brought out only through dialogue and the truth is revealed through refutation of arguments is truly commendable.

‘Mobaraknama’ also stars Naureen Hasan Khan Jenny, Shahnaz Sumi, Samia Athai, Syed Zaman Shaon and others. The term ‘exaggeration’ does not apply to evaluating someone’s performance. Rather, everyone was more or less perfect. As a result, the whole series did not cut the rhythm much. Apart from Musharraf Karim, if we have to mention the name of another actor, then it will be Shilpi Sarkar Apu. Her small scale performance as Suraiya’s mother is remarkable.

Shabnam Faria in the scene of the series.  Photo: Hichai

The biggest advantage of the series is that the storyteller and director did not drag it out. On the contrary, he kept tension within five episodes. As a result, when you sit down to watch ‘Mobaraknama’, you never think why you are watching! On the contrary, it would seem that the loss was not much if another episode was added.

However, the indirect announcement of the new season has come at the end of the series. Mubarak now ‘Dorise’! If you see him in a guest role, you will know that the upcoming season is going to be packed.

Golam Sohrab Dodul and Musharraf Karim.  Photo: Taken from Facebook

The point is, at the end of this year, Mubarak has defeated Musharraf Karim. ‘OC Harun’ is now ‘Mubarak’. The formula for success not only in the world of OTT, but for all actors, is to live within the characters created. And in this place ‘OC Harun’ and ‘Mubarak’ – both are successful. After a long break, a new character has appeared in the OTT world of this country with the promise of survival. ‘Mobaraknama’ therefore deserves a salute.

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