Home Sports Larsen: "Playing in the Premier is a dream but I am very happy at Celta"

Larsen: "Playing in the Premier is a dream but I am very happy at Celta"

Larsen: "Playing in the Premier is a dream but I am very happy at Celta"

Strand Larsen He is Celta’s top scorer, with nine goals, and franchise player of the vigus team this season, to the point that the club has already put him in the shop window to get a very good transfer this coming summer. Sunday will be his first game in the Santiago Bernabu -last season he was on the bench- and wants to remove the pain of the goal that was disallowed, in the first round, against the Real Madrid and so see door in the leader’s field. The Norwegian striker shares a good handful of minutes, with MARCA, a few hours before this weekend’s event.

Ask. How is the team, after the important victory against Almera?

Answer. We are a little happier for having achieved the three points, but we know that we can improve a lot and we are working hard every day, with the coach, doing things well in training and now we are going to see how we develop them against Real Madrid.

Q. What has happened to Celta to be in such a delicate situation all season?

A. We know that we can climb the table a little but it is difficult when we are in this situation, we lost many games in the last minutes and that is how it is difficult to get out. We are a good team but things are not going well this year. Now, with the three points from Friday, we can change and we go to Madrid to try to do something positive.

Q. Do those five points, plus the goal average, advantage with relegation give you peace of mind?

A. A little yes, but we know that we have to win more games to move up the ranks. They were three very important points, those achieved against Almera, but we have to continue.

Q. Do you find any explanation for what happens to you at the end of the games, in which you have lost so many points?

A. It’s difficult. It’s a very bad thing because we worked very well the whole game and the goals come because, if we are winning, we don’t have much of the ball in the last minutes, the opponent has it and they put in a lot of crosses and pressure and it doesn’t go well for us. That’s why we conceded a lot of goals in the last minutes. The only thing we can do is watch the video and think that we can improve. We talk a lot about it and changing that dynamic.

Q. Next year, will Celta continue in the First Division?

RS We have to continue. We are a good team with a city that supports us, a coach with whom we can grow much more and Celta has to be in the First Division.

They disallowed a goal in Balados, so I have to score one in the Bernabu

Q. It is your second season in LaLiga, you have been growing and scoring more goals, last year four in the League and one in the Cup, this year nine, do you notice that evolution?

A. Sure. I am more confident. Understanding Spanish and the culture here, the way of playing, is much easier for a foreigner. It is very difficult to play for a club like Celta, things cannot go perfect in the first year, in the second it is easier. I’m improving and I’m working a lot with the coach and the team. I have nine goals but I want to score many more.

Q. Is a figure set at the end of the season?

A. Ten, one more. I always think about the next. The important thing is that the team plays well, against Almera I was very happy because we won and nothing happens if we don’t score, although as a striker I always want to do so. First we will go for ten goals and then we will go for fifteen.

Q. Was it right a year and a half ago, when you decided to come to Celta?

A. I am very happy here. I like everything and I don’t think about anything else. I always want to do things well on the field for this club because I like it a lot and also the people who work here and its fans.

Q. And what do you like about the city?

A. It is a football city. We are the best team in Galicia and all the people are watching Celta, the whole team knows that we have to win more games and do things much better.

The goal at the beginning was to be able to aspire to Europe, but football is very rare

Q. From the first day I had the unconditional support of the Celtic fans…

RS I really like our fans, they are always supporting us. It is difficult this year because it is the centenary and we want much more but they are there every day, in every game and helping us a lot. It is very important that you continue helping us because we need you very much.

Q. Does it especially hurt you not to have lived up to this year, since it is the centenary year?

A. Before the start of the season, we all thought that we could be in the top 10 to be able to be in Europe. But football is very strange, many times, and we lost many points by conceding goals in the last minutes. Now what we have to try is to win the eleven games we have left.

Q. In addition to efficiency and confidence, what has improved compared to last year?

A. A little of everything. The confidence that a forward needs near the area, when the ball comes I have to shoot or go to the side. I do things better than last year, so I was a little more afraid because it was the first year and I didn’t have that confidence. When he had to shoot at goal, he often passed it to his teammate. I have to continue in this line of improvement.

We are a good team, but things are not going well for us

Q. In a year and a half in Vigo, you speak Spanish very well, were you clear that the language was important for your growth?

RS It is very important. I am a boy who is always smiling and I like to talk with friends and colleagues and to function well I need to know the language. I have many classes with my teacher, who helps me a lot, and also the kids on the team. I want to understand and learn more. It’s very important because the culture is very different than in Norway or Holland, where I played before.

Q. Rafa Bentez says that by improving some aspects, he is a potential Premier player…

A. Playing in the Premier League has been a dream since I was little but I am very happy to be here and we will see what happens next. The most important thing is that the team saves itself and goes up the table, that it scores goal number ten and then more. Of course it is a dream to play in the Premier League but I am not thinking much about it. As the coach says, I have to improve a few more things and I can go to the Premier but now it is too early.

Q. The club also talked about the possibility of being transferred but I understand that this puts it on hold until the end of the season…

A. That’s football. A 24-year-old forward, big like me, if he does things well, of course he may interest someone but the most important thing is that I have all my focus on Celta to do things well and there are three months left until the end of the season. season, so I’m going to continue focusing on this.

Q. What have you learned with Rafa Bentez?

A. He has a lot of experience and helps me a lot with small and big things. I have a good relationship with Iago and we talk a lot with the coach. Also Douvikas, who played together many times. It is important to know and know what the other forward is going to do. Then, when I’m close to the goal I have to finish.

Q. What do you learn next to Iago Aspas?

R.Iago is the king of Celta. He is fantastic, also off the field which is very important. He is a very calm boy, he talks to everyone. On the field you know that he has a lot of quality with the ball and he is always looking for you to play with his teammates. He is very important to us. He is now a few years old and we have to see how many games he can play but it is incredible that at 36 years old he plays at this level. I am very happy to play alongside him.

Q. What game are you looking forward to against Real Madrid?

A. It’s difficult, but we know we can go there and do something. They have a lot of ball and not having it can be better for us to play on the counterattack. We want to win, it’s a dream.

Q. In the first round they created a lot of problems for you and you were able to beat them…

A. They disallowed a goal for me in the first minutes, so I have to score one at the Bernabu. The match was 0-0 until the 80th minute, when Bellingham scored.

Q. Do you have regrets about the first goal that was disallowed in the first round?

RS It was the first goal of the season, at home and against Real Madrid. They have already disallowed three goals this year, I don’t want more.

Q. How can you beat Real Madrid?

A. Doing everything very well and having a little luck, it’s football and that’s how it is. If we defend very well and have a 0-0 or 0-1 in the first half, with a counterattack we can win there. But of course it is very difficult, they are the best team in the world with Manchester City, Liverpool and Barcelona. It is a dream to play at the Santiago Bernabu, last year I couldn’t do it because I was on the bench the entire game. This year I want to play.

You can beat Madrid by doing everything very well and having a little luck, it’s football and it’s like that

Q. Do you see them as League champions?

A. This year Real Madrid wins LaLiga, I’m sure. Girona has had a very good season and lately Barcelona has but Real Madrid are the best team this year and of course they are going to win it.

Q. Is there any Real Madrid player that you especially like?

R. Bellingham, of course. Before it was Benzema because he was a forward. There are many top players at Real Madrid but Bellingham is a phenomenon.