Home Sports Lara Gut pulls a calculator to win the Big Globe and the Giant’s

Lara Gut pulls a calculator to win the Big Globe and the Giant’s

Lara Gut pulls a calculator to win the Big Globe and the Giant’s

LAra Gut He already has the first two of the four crystal globes he can win this season. Leader of all categories except slalom, snow owned by Mikaela Shiffirin, Gut She is already the best giantess of the 2023-24 financial year. Calculating and without risks, the Swiss limited herself to seeking to finish in the points to resist the desperate pressure of Fede Brignone. The only thing worth winning for the Italian was in the final Giant of Saalbach and expect a huge mistake from Gut. The first part was fulfilled; the second, no. So Lara Good wins her sixth globe, first in the Giant and returns the reign to the Swiss in a test that she had not dominated since the 2001-2002 double Sonja Nef. And, incidentally, he sentenced the General by facing the maximum of 200 points next week in the speed tests with 208 over Fede Brignone. It was enough for her to be tenth to secure the doublet.

With the absence of Mikaela Shiffrinwho is protecting himself from the consequences of the injury he suffered in Cortina and which we will not see until the start of next season, Marta Bassino was the one who opened a morning in which all eyes were focused on the outcome between Gut y Brignone. The 95-point advantage of the Swiss was a powerful cushion. But we had to go down, because in the finals there are only points for the first 15 and because, as was seen yesterday with Odermattthe error never knows where it may be.

Of the two morning stars, it was Fede Brignone the first to go down. Risking even living in extreme situations, the Milanese set the best time (1:08.38) and sent him to Lara Good the message that he couldn’t go wrong if he wanted the crystal globe of the Gigante. The Swiss start was with number 6. It was enough for her to finish among the 15 that scored. She knew that he didn’t need to risk it, that finishing was worth it. With the handbrake on and the calculator on, Gut went very far from Brignone, at 1.67. It was enough for her to think about the Giant’s glass, although a crack could be opened in the Italian style to fight next week for the Grand Globe in the speed tests. I do not pass.

Federica Brignone, during her first descent of the Saalbach Giant, the last of the season

Federica Brignone, during her first descent of the Saalbach Giant, the last of the seasonCHRISTIAN BRUNA

No intrigue

The outcome of the giant’s balloon was not lived to the limit. The tactic of Gut made him come out in the middle of the second set (eighth) and with the advantage that in a hot snow the Snow Crystal/Twelve It was better than for those who were going to play for victory. With her mind set on limiting herself to being among the top 15, even if there were a cut in the general classification, Lara covered the second sleeve with the caution that allowed him those 95 points over Fede Brignone. He just arrived without taking any risk. He didn’t care if it was the twelfth time in the heat. The globe of Gigante It was already his though. Wedding ring win And the Great One, too, like in 2016.

Solved the great moment of the day in Saalbachit remained to know if Brignone won and if the New Zealander Alice Robinson advanced to Shiffrin in the final classification. The victory in the last Giant of the season went to Federica (27 in their career, 12 in this event and first on a track that the girls have not touched since 2002). And the kiwi He came down hard to get in front of Mikaela. The final Giant podium was completed by the Norwegian Thea Louise Stjernesund.

The General is left with Lara Good first (1,680) and Fede Brignone in second place with 208 less.

The classification of Gigante 2023-24 it looks like this:

1- Lara Gut (Switzerland) 771 points

2- Fede Brignone (Italy) 750

3- Sara Hector (Sweden) 583

4- Alice Robinson (New Zealand) 492

5- Mikaela Shiffrin (United States) 429