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Land dispute case: Amartya Sen wins primary

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Indian court ruled in favor of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen in land dispute case. The judge of Siuri District Court gave this verdict on Wednesday. Also, the court rejected the notice given by Visva Bharati to return the land. As a result, Amartya Sen’s lawyers believe that he has won the initial victory in the land case.

Visva Bharati and Amartya Sen’s land dispute has been in the headlines for a long time. The university alleged that Nobel laureate Amartya Sen has encroached on the 13th century land belonging to Visva Bharati. The university authorities issued an eviction notice to vacate that land. If not, force is also threatened. Visva Bharati’s move sparked a storm of criticism across India.

State politics became heated with this. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee protested. The case goes to court. Amartya Sen’s lawyer filed an application to dismiss the notice on Wednesday. In response to that application, the Birbhum District Court rejected the notice to vacate the land. The court commented that such an act was done with the intention of harassing Amartya Sen.

There is no response from the university authorities in this regard yet. A further hearing is scheduled for September 16 in the jury court. Till then this moratorium will remain in force.

Earlier in April last year, Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen filed a court case against the Visva Bharati authority’s notice to release the homestead land. He appealed to the Seori District Judge Court in Birbhum, India, seeking a stay on Visva Bharati’s notice.

Amartya Sen claims that the land belongs to his father. In 1943, the university authorities leased the land to Amartya Sen’s father, Ashutosh Sen. That land has now been mutated from the land office of Bolpur, Birbhum in the name of Amartya Sen. So there is no question of illegal possession.


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