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Labuchen’s eagle is right, Khazar’s pigeon is forbidden—Cummins can’t find a reason for the difference

by Afonso
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Usman Khawaja wanted to take action in the first Test to show sympathy for the people who were injured in the Israeli attack on Gaza. But because of the ICC’s objection to his message written on the shoe, he wore a black armband.

He objected to this later and said. Said permission was not taken from them. Khawaja wanted to do something new with permission. He wants to paint pigeons on bats and shoes. I would like to remind everyone about the first article of the Universal Law of Human Rights. But ICC has objected this time too.

Australian captain Pat Cummins finds no reason to object. Cummins is unable to understand why the ICC is making a difference between Marnus Labuschagne batting with a dove to speak about human rights or an eagle with a religious belief.

The verse that Khawaja is trying to remind says, ‘All men are born free and all are equal in respect and rights. Everyone has the ability to understand reason, have conscience and treat each other with brotherhood.’

Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricket Association therefore found no problem in Khawaja’s fielding by writing such a line. But the ICC rightly found the problem. A spokesman for the agency said, ‘Such messages are not acceptable as per Section F of the Dress and Equipment Act.’
But Labuschenne drew an eagle with his bat. Christian Labuschagne does so by pointing to a verse in the Bible. ICC never objected to this.

Australian captain Pat Cummins was asked about this today. In the final press conference before the start of the Boxing Day Test, Cummins spoke for Khawaja on the matter, saying, ‘No, not really (whether he sees any difference between Labuschagne’s eagle and Khawaja’s pigeon). I don’t know the details, but to me it looks very simple, a pigeon. We all support Uzi (Usman Khawaja).’

However, since the ICC has stated that such a thing cannot be done, Cummins is not in favor of saying anything more about it, ‘I think, and he is determined to continue his fight for what he believes in. But there are some rules, I think the ICC says, they won’t allow it. They make the rules and you have to accept them.’


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