Home Business Labor law will be improved when coming to power: Obaidul Quader

Labor law will be improved when coming to power: Obaidul Quader

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Awami League general secretary and bridge minister Obaidul Quader said that the labor law will be further improved if he comes to power again. He said, the government cares about this sector.

Quader said these things while talking to journalists on current affairs at Awami League President’s political office in Dhanmondi today.

Quader said, ‘There are many conspiracies going on in the garment sector. Sheikh Hasina has increased the salary of the workers for the sake of the economy. The government cares about the development of this sector.’

Obaidul Quader said that if he comes to power in the future, the labor law will be further improved.

Regarding the 12th National Assembly elections, Quader said, ‘No obstruction, threat, arson or sabotage can obstruct this election. BNP and its allies did not come to the polls, but the people are ready to vote.’

Quader also said that no decision has been taken yet on seat sharing.

Quader said, ‘We are not worried about any kind of ban. The election will be held according to the constitutional rules, if the ban comes here, it should come against the BNP.’

Quader also commented that if the US wants to impose sanctions, BNP and its allies are eligible for it.

Regarding BNP’s program on December 10, Quader said, ‘The law and order forces are alert, if there is too much trouble, the people will resist.’


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