Home Sports Kylian Mbappé’s arrival at Real Madrid would take Luis Díaz from Liverpool to PSG. What is known?

Kylian Mbappé’s arrival at Real Madrid would take Luis Díaz from Liverpool to PSG. What is known?

Kylian Mbappé’s arrival at Real Madrid would take Luis Díaz from Liverpool to PSG. What is known?

Oofficially, They have not confirmed Real Madrid’s business with Kylian Mbapp since the 2024-25 season, but Diario Marca has learned that there is a signed agreement between the parties so that the ‘crack’ of Paris Saint-Germain dresses in white. But other names and high-level transfers will be moving around this case, such as the case of Luis Daz and so many versions of his future in Liverpool.

Just as it has been said at some point that ‘Lucho’ has been in Barcelona’s sightsthe father of the Colombian National Team player came out with surprising statements about a possibility of landing in Madrid. But the strongest rumor has been the one linking the winger with the Parisian team, just when he would be looking for a replacement for Mbapp.

This It is not new, they have even denied it, but the news and information continues to move and now it makes noise again in Europe and Colombia, due to the importance of the guajiro and its great moment.

What has been said about Luis Díaz at PSG so far?

Given so many versions in the media, social networks and journalists, Fabrizio Romano himself was in charge of denying what was going around and with a publication on March 21 he clarified:

Paris Saint-Germain have not contacted Liverpool, so far, about Luis Daz and no negotiations or conversations have taken place. Liverpool do not show any desire or plan to sell Díaz, considered a key player. PSG has other priorities and is not currently working on the agreement with Luis Daz

The same was shared by Sky Sportsciting the specific example of being the replacement for Kylian Mbapp for what was already reported about Real Madrid: “PSG does not consider Luis Díaz as a replacement for Kylian Mbapp… However, Sky Sports can confirm that neither PSG sporting director Luis Campos nor coach Luis Enrique have any interest in signing Díaz. They do not consider him to be the player profile they are looking for”.

It seemed like a closed topic and that lowered the tension on the player hours before the friendly against Spain in Londonvalid for the FIFA date of March 2024.

What is the revival of Luis Daz at Paris Saint-Germain?

But a week later, having seen ‘Lucho’ in the friendly matches against Spain and Romania, in which he did not score but showed his talent and imbalancethe Liverpool player is once again on the lips of many thanks to the version published by journalist Jonathan Johnson, from CBS Sports, who also writes on the portal updated by Fabrizio Romano: “Liverpool’s Luis Daz is ‘definitely’ a name on PSG’s list for the summer”.

But going into more details, it seems that it is just a name that is being used and could also come to nothing, since the Mbapp thing will lower the salary burden of the French team and they could prioritize several players, in that and other positions. But not spending on a high-cost player wouldn’t be the closest thing, being Díaz, one of Liverpool’s figures and with the possibility of raising his price at the end of the 2023-24 campaign:

The Liverpool striker is definitely a player PSG are considering as part of a wider list of potential players to bring in this summer… it’s not necessarily that Diaz is a priority target, but rather that they are preparing for the possibility of looking to a player like him; He is not the only player of that position or profile that they have

For now all They are speculations and versions, but it is clear that Luis Daz will continue to be a name that many will talk about and it could surprise with some movement in the next summer market.