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Kumar Biswajit in ‘Energy Waiting’

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“The rain doesn’t feel good anymore/ It sounds like crying/ It’s like a cloudy sky/ Covered with a sheet of pain/ Why is the rain falling on my chest/ Yet all the time my heart is waiting intently…”—Each word of these lines An echo of Kumar Biswajit’s current life. Almost everyone knows that Nibir Kumar, the only son of a long-distance legend, has been battling with death for almost a year after being injured in a road accident. And his helpless father has been waiting for his son’s recovery from the beginning by walking in the corridor of the hospital.

The legendary Kumar Biswajit’s long, bright and dynamic music career has been suddenly silenced. Lyricist Hasanuzzaman Masum and music director Kishore Das have tried to portray that difficult waiting silence for Kumar Biswajit. It was voiced by Kumar Biswajit himself. He named the song ‘Nibir Anthan’.

Kumar Biswajit is still waiting in the corridor of a hospital in Canada. From there, he was moved to ask about this song. He told about his painful waiting around Nibir. He said, ‘First of all, I don’t want to call it a song. It is the arti of a father. I never thought Nibir and his classmates would sing again after this tragic accident. Because that mental energy or interest is dead. Month after month I look at the boy’s face in this long journey, waiting to hear his voice. Absence of Nibir’s three schoolmates constantly fills me with paternal pain.’

Regarding the creation of ‘Intensive Waiting’, Kumar Biswajit also said, ‘In between I went to Dhaka for a few days. Then Kishore and Masum were repeatedly requesting to sing a song. I have also repeatedly ignored them. Because we have done the song with our soul for life. Now I don’t have that soul anymore. They still made a dummy and listened to me. It seemed that the words were mine. The sound is like my inner moan. Which I really can’t reveal. I am stone. To be honest, after singing this song, the stone probably melted a little.’

This special song named ‘Nibir Anthin’ performed by Platform Entertainment is going to be released simultaneously from 18 banners of the country on Thursday (January 25). The video of the song has been produced by Prakshagriha.

Kumar Biswajit with his son Nibir.  Photo: Courtesy of Platform Entertainment

Regarding the making of ‘Nibir Antin’, its composer and music director Kishore Dash said, ‘Many of you know sir (Kumar Biswajit) how much I respect and respect him. A fresh life growing in our laps and backs. As a result, after this accident of Nibir, our life is also covered with depression. We can’t live well even if we want to. The creation of this song is from the reaction of not being able to be well. Me and masoom bhai’s relief for now is here, sir sings the song. Hopefully, every parent-child will feel this song.’

Lyricist Hasanuzzaman Masum also gave the same reaction. He said this again, ‘We can’t touch the real pain inside of grandfather (Kumar Biswajit), but we tried. I want to explain to all the children of the world, how parents really feel when they are not good. We believe, the intensive will also hear and feel this song for a speedy recovery. We have tried to highlight the desire or waiting of all the parents of the world for the child to be well or healthy through the song.

It should be noted that Nibir Kumar was seriously injured in a road accident on February 14 last year at 11:30 PM local time in Toronto. Nibid is a student of Humber College there.


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