Home News Kováčik for HN: Only sporting success is not enough for sponsors today. We have not yet caught up with the investment debt

Kováčik for HN: Only sporting success is not enough for sponsors today. We have not yet caught up with the investment debt

Kováčik for HN: Only sporting success is not enough for sponsors today.  We have not yet caught up with the investment debt

At the SFZ Conference in March, the budget for 2024 was approved, which amounts to 28 million euros. Is this the historically highest budget package in the history of the Slovak Football Association?

No, we have already exceeded 30 million euros. The overall height depends to a large extent on whether we can qualify for the EC or WC final tournament. Then we receive a promotion bonus from UEFA or FIFA. Also important is the amount of contributions from the state outside of the usual redistribution in accordance with the Sports Act according to the formula. These were primarily infrastructure projects. Whether the modernization of league stadiums or the improvement of infrastructure in amateur football. We also implement many activities through the subsidiaries SFZ Marketing and SFZ Event, whose budgets are approved separately.

For the next ten years, the association, together with the Sports Support Fund, plans to reinvest 50 million euros to improve the infrastructure. How many stadiums will this stage cover and what is the highest one-time amount you can support a specific section with?

For now, it is a project proposal based on our experience with the implementation of the league stadium program. We want to apply for support in the total amount of 50 million euros, with the sum being gradually announced…

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