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Klopp said, not in Liverpool anymore

by Afonso
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There couldn’t have been a bigger shock for Liverpool fans today. Coach Jurgen Klopp, who made the club once again known as a sleeping giant on the map of Europe and the world, suddenly announced today that he is leaving Liverpool at the end of this season!

‘I am leaving the club at the end of this season. I understand that this announcement will be difficult for many who are hearing it for the first time right now. But of course there is an explanation’ – Klopp said in a video posted on the club’s social media.

The reason was later explained by Klopp himself – fatigue. “I love everything about this club. I love everything about this city. Our supporters love everything. I love this team, I love the staff of the club. love everything Yet I was making the decision – which meant that I was absolutely certain that the decision had to be made. The thing is…how to explain? That’s it, I don’t have the energy anymore’ – explained Klopp.

The 56-year-old German is physically fine, making it clear, ‘I don’t have any problems now, that’s clear. But it was known that at some stage the time for this announcement would come. I’m fine so far. But I also understand that it is not possible for me to do this same thing again and again.’

He took charge of Liverpool in October 2015, since then Liverpool has won everything possible except the Europa League. Won the Champions League once, reached the final twice more. But perhaps the biggest success for Liverpool fans is that Klopp brought Liverpool to the Premier League after waiting for 30 years!

Just success? Klopp built the club in his own image in the style of play, behavior, laughter, passion and love, so that it was said that Liverpool and Klopp are meant for each other! It must be hard for Liverpool fans to accept someone like that leaving the club.

Klopp knows that too. He’s suffering too – probably every Liverpool fan knows. For that reason or not, in the video, Klopp pleaded with all Liverpool fans at the end, ‘…if I could make one more request, it’s this, please don’t make everything around me in the matches (for the rest of the season). I know how much you love me. No proof is needed for this. That time will come. In the last match of the season, be it here or somewhere else – in another tournament or in another country… I mean, there will be plenty of time for me to do something. For now, let’s squeeze in all that’s left of the season. So that I can create more occasions to look back and smile in the future.’


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