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Kim said to prepare for war

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In addition to the military, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has asked to prepare for war with armed and nuclear weapons. He gave this order during a meeting with top officials of the ruling Workers’ Party on Wednesday while discussing the guidelines for the new year. The news agency Reuters reported this information on the country’s state media KCNA. However, KCNA did not give detailed information about the preparations for the war.

In the meeting, Kim said, Pyongyang will expand strategic cooperation with independent anti-imperialist countries. Apart from this, he set financial goals for the new year. He also termed the year 2024 as a decisive year to complete the country’s five-year development plan. Kim also said that the military situation on the Korean Peninsula is becoming extreme due to the unprecedented anti-North Korean conflict with Washington.

North Korea is strengthening relations with Russia. Russia provides technical assistance to help North Korea advance its military capabilities. In addition, Washington has accused Pyongyang of supplying Moscow with military equipment for use in the Ukraine war.

Meanwhile, this year, North Korea broke all previous records for nuclear weapons tests. Despite UN sanctions, Pyongyang continues to conduct missile tests. In view of this, political and defense cooperation has been deepened by America, South Korea and Japan. The countries also recently activated a system to share real-time information on North Korean missile launches.


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