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Khawaja’s new idea in support of Gaza is also objected to by the ICC

by Afonso
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Usman Khawaja is doing one thing after another to protest the indiscriminate killing of children in Gaza, and every action of the Australian of Pakistani origin is being objected to by the ICC.

Before the Perth Test, Khawaja had written a special message on his shoes in practice, and he was supposed to play in those shoes in the match as well. But because of the ICC’s objection to the writing and message on the shoe, he did not wear the shoe again in that test. However, Khawaja came down wearing a black brace on his arm. But for not taking ICC’s permission for that too, ICC has filed a complaint against the Australian cricketer.

Khawaja did not make a mistake this time. The Boxing Day Test will start tomorrow in Melbourne, and Khawaja wanted to go down in the second Test of the series against Pakistan with a picture of a dove symbol of peace on his bat and shoes. But this time he has already informed the ICC about it. But ICC does not agree with this request of the Australian opener. They told Khawaja that they cannot come down with a bat or shoes with a picture of a pigeon on it.

However, Khawaja practiced wearing shoes with a black pigeon logo in Melbourne on Sunday. A sticker of the same logo is also seen on the back of his bat.

The ICC Article on Human Rights states, ‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are possessed of reason and conscience and should treat each other with respect in a spirit of brotherhood.’

According to Australian media outlet Sydney Herald Morning, Khawaja discussed the new logo with Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers Association. No one objected at that time. But Khawaja’s request for permission was rejected by the ICC on Sunday morning.

In this regard, the Australian media tried to get Khawaja’s comments, but the Australian opener refused to speak.


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