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Khagrachari is an exceptional chicken market

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Khagrachari has an exceptional market and market selling chicken meat. Customers can buy whole chicken as well as cut meat in quantity. Only 100 grams is available. Consumers are relieved to be able to buy meat according to their needs. Sellers are also happy as the demand for cut meat is high.

In a market with rising commodity prices, it is not possible for many to buy whole chickens. But the people of Khagrachari are not worried about that. Apart from hundreds of haats in the district, chicken meat is also available in the market.

Buyers can buy any quantity of desi, gold and broiler chicken cuts. Only one hundred grams of meat can be bought. From ethnic minorities to working people and even hoteliers, sliced ​​meat is preferred.

Buyers say, ‘We are very happy to buy chicken in this way. You can take enough meat and wash it at home and cook it. As the pain is reduced, time is also being saved.’

Excluding surplus, domestic chicken is sold at 6 and a half to 7 hundred taka per kg, golden and broiler chicken is sold at 3 to 4 hundred taka. Sellers are also happy as buyers demand.

Vendors say that buyers come from far away to get the cut chicken meat. Selling 20 to 25 pieces of chicken in a day makes a good profit.

The civil surgeon urged to ensure hygiene and cleanliness while cutting and selling meat.

Chaber Hossain, civil surgeon of Khagrachari district, said that a specific hygiene rule should be followed. It is better to keep the meat covered. After taking it home, wash it thoroughly and cook it to make it a pure source of meat.

Consumers are seeing the initiative to sell meat as needed to meet the demand of non-vegetables as positive.


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